Do you plan to take part in the Netflix class action lawsuit

If you have been a member of Netflix you probably received an email this morning about taking part in a class action lawsuit brought up between Netflix and Walmart. CNN picked up on it and has a more detailed story here:

As with all class action lawsuits the lawyers are going to be RICH! The plaintiffs win about $5,000 and the rest of us will win approximately $0.75 to $1.50 (most likely paid as a WalMart gift card) if you are willing to sign up for the settlement.

So are you going to participate or is a $1.00 gift card just not worth your while?

Me - not a chance.
Edited to add - completely forgot to include a poll option for non netflix subscribers… sorry

Even if I was that hard up for a buck three-eighty, I don’t have much of anything to do with Walmart as a consumer and so, while I could sign on per the judge’s decision, I don’t personally feel it’s my place.

Wow so far I was the only one who said yes? XD I dunno. I’m VERY strapped for cash right now and even though I realize what little I’ll get won’t be for months at least, any little bit helps.

On the plus side, currently you might get $8 (according to the yes/no’s) :smiley:

I’m glad to find out it’s only a dollar or so. I deleted the e-mail without reading it after deciding that I had bigger fish to fry. Much bigger as it turns out.

What’s a buck three-eighty?

I would be eligible to be part of the class action (having subscribed to Netflix), but I no longer live in the United States, so I guess I will just ignore it.

A buck three-eighty is a small amount of money of undetermined size.

I deleted it thinking it was a scam. All consumer class action lawsuits I have been involved with up to now have had documents mailed to me.

I’m taking part. This black lung disease is all their fault.

Yes. It costs me nothing, so it is found money. So far, only Wal-Mart has agreed to settle in the amount of $27,250,000. The fine print:

I will take whatever course results from me doing absolutely nothing. That’s what I’ve done with every class action notification I’ve ever received and so far it has worked out pretty well for me. I’ve not received any money, but then I’ve also not had to mail anything to anybody. Win-win.

I’ve read that article and a couple of others and still don’t understand exactly what they’re being sued for or how it caused me any conceivable damage. Even though it’s free money, for $1.50 I’ll stand on principle and not join. (If it was $150, or even $15.00, I admit I might conceivably be less “against it on principle”.

IANAL, but I believe the idea is that the damages result from you “overpaying” Netflix over the years - if they (illegally) colluded with Walmart to not compete for your DVD-by-mail business, they were able to keep their prices artificially high.

Hmm. Thanks.

IMHO: Netflix isn’t like electricity or water/sewage or even Internet connection; it’s something I can cancel at any time without any real detriment to my life. Anybody who gets $5,000 from this suit is a douche.

Good to know it’s not a scam – I meant to start a thread asking about it.

I applaud your commitment to your values.
Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to?

I got the email - it said I had to do something to opt out. I just deleted the email, so I guess I’m still included, so I voted yes. If a card or a coupon shows up, I’ll probably have forgetting about this anyway.

I don’t feel like I’ve been harmed in any way, so no.

You can cancel at anytime, but you can’t take your business to a similar Walmart service because Netflix struck a deal with them not to start one.


However, rather than litigate, Wal-Mart has decided to throw money at the lawsuit to make it go away. That is why class action lawsuits are a gold mine to the attorneys who try them.

This is really a gold mine for Wal-Mart. $27M is nothing to them. The gift cards alone are a win win - nobody is going to just spend $1.00 when they use them - they’ll buy a few extra things as well which will give Walmart its money back almost instantly.

But the real gold mine is that WalMart needs to mail these gift cards to a specific demographic- ie current and former Netflix subscribers. Expect these cards to include at least 1 free month subscription to Walmart’s new Streaming Service. Given the current level of customer satisfaction with Netflix Walmart will be able to poach a pretty sizeable chunk of their customers right there.

No wonder Walmart settled! The only negative from their point of view is that they can’t get these cards out before Christmas!