Netflix expanding into video games

Since the human race has of late relentlessly tied prosperity to growth:

They’re going to have a tough time competing with Steam.

Netflix has a shitload of infrastructure and capitol but yeah, I think they likely do not understand the market or the clientele as well as Valve does.

It doesn’t sound to me like they’ll be competing in Steam’s market. It sounds like you’ll get games along with your Netflix subscription. It seems more to have something in addition to the video content to differentiate themselves.

That said, the talk of mobile games doesn’t sound like something that would be that appealing to subscribe for.

Googling, Valve Corp, which owns Steam has a $77 billion market cap while EA is at about $41 billion. So they could buy one of them?

Reminder Amazon and Google with their untold billions both recently tried getting into the streaming game industry with DISASTROUS results.

What has Microsoft spent on Xbox and buying game companies since it started the business? How much have they made? I don’t actually know what the numbers are but I suspect it’s cost them billions. And yet they seem to think it’s a worthwhile business.

As successful as Xbox has been for them Microsoft already has one failed and dead game venture, “Games for Windows” which was basically their attempt at being Steam and bringing an Xbox Live interface to PCs.