Netflix members, check for unauthorized viewing (passwords hacked?)

I just noticed videos in my recently watched history that I had no memory of watching, and no interest in watching (bad ass, buying sex, feeding frenzy season one, when fish attack, swamp wars, 21 and over, bad boy street)

The last time I had netflix open was last night, watching an episode of Top Gear…

So, I changed the password on the account, then called Netflix to see if they could trace the mystery device and block their IP

turns out there was an unauthorized Apple TV on the account, I don’t have an Apple TV, so the netflix rep forced a logout of all my connected and authorized devices, I’ll just have to log back in with the new password when I connect again

If you’re a Netflix Streaming viewer, check your account for unauthorized activity, then change your password, as your account could be compromised

Weird. Will keep an eye on that.

I can see where someone could theoretically get away with this for a long time if the account owner wasn’t paying attention.