Netflix unable to play

I’m on the road in a hotel. Been watching Netflix on and off for a few days. No issues at all. Able to start, watch, pause, leave and return to proper spot, etc.

Alla sudden this morning, I get the following error:
Cannot play title. Please try
Again later.
( AVF; 11839; OS: 12913; )

Nobody else is using the shared accounts near as I can tell. I’d heard that Netflix was going to start locking down on use of an account that was away from its home I.P. Address.

Is this true? And suddenly have they put this into effect? Kinda sucks- it is MY account. And because I am on the road, I cannot use it ?

Anyone else ever seen this Error code?

A Google search leads me to this page. Netflix says ‘Cannot play title. Please try again later. (AVF:11839;OS:12913;)’

Have you tried restarting your device?

The above may be the problem. But I’m curious: have you been at this same hotel this entire time? I’m wondering if the way the WiFi is set up there could be part of it.

I’m comfortable enough with technology that it should have occurred to me to Simply turn it off. It was started this morning and because of the way my iPad works it never occurs to me that an application would develop an error simply because of the way it started up.

I shut the iPad down for 5 minutes.


This happens to me once in a while when I’m at home. I use my Kindle Fire to watch Netflix in bed. When I get that message, I turn it off for a minute or two and then start it up. It works :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’ve had similar errors when Chromecasting to the TV, but more often than not it is the Chromecast dongle that is the problem, not the device I’m casting from. But the fix is the same. If I unplug the Chromecast from both the TV and the power, then plug it all back in, it usually resolves the problem.