What is wrong with netflix streaming lately

The last few days streaming from Netflix has been awful. Long load times. Stops for buffering many times when it works at all. When does show something words are out of synch and picture far from clear. Many messages saying can’t access Netflix…try again later.

Till last few days was very reliable. Sunspots or something?

Funny… no problems at my house…

No issues here, either (central Washington state).

My experience does not reflect yours. I think it’s just you.

Just got a message to download an update for my Apple TV. Did so and all is back to normal now.

So I guess it was an Apple problem and not a Netflix problem

Heh, I had this exact same problem with Hulu plus. Came here on this board asking others if they were having problems. All I got in return was “No problems here.”

Very frustrating!

If you’re streaming wifi, you might have better luck with an Ethernet cable.
My Netflix works well 98% of the time. The times that it doesn’t I break out the Ethernet cable. That fixes the problem for me. Although my gut tells me this has more to do with Time Warner than Netflix.

ETA: Ninja’d!

Just so you don’t feel alone, I was watching a movie on Netflix on my phone tonight and had to restart it a few times after getting the “try again later” message. Kind of annoying, but nothing major. Maybe it’s a sign I should get off my butt! :wink:

ETA: This could fall in the realm of being an Apple problem because of the device I was using. Hmm.