Netflix streaming and audio sync

Some programs have issues (Stargate SG-U) but others don’t seem to.

Do you find that to be true? Unfortunately there’s nothing in the interface that would allow you to fix it. Sure is annoying.

Not the sync but the actual level of the dialogue track.

“National Lampoon’s Ratko, the Dictator’s Son”–I only went to watch it because I know one of the actresses. The dialogue track is nearly non-existent. The music track is fine…but you can’t make out what any of the characters are saying.

ncmacasl’s blog: Netflix InstantWatch Subtitles has flagged several that are out of sync.

The only one I’ve encountered to date ( at least that was very noticeable ) was Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. That was early in my Netflix days and I haven’t yet tried it again since to see if the issue has been fixed. But at the time it was virtually unwatchable.

I watch a LOT of Netflix streaming, and have only come across this a few times. I’ve reported it each time and when I check back in a couple days it’s fixed. I think people really do need to report the problem, though, to get it corrected sooner rather than later!