Netflix's The Crown; season 2

Season 2 of The Crown premieres today on Netflix. :slight_smile: I just started watching episode 2.01.

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon when a season drops. I’m probably going to wait a bit before watching it.

But yes, I’ve been waiting for this season. I rewatched Season 1 a few weeks ago to refresh myself.

We blew through the first three eps of season 2 last night. Still good quality TV.

I was home sick for two days, so my wife and I binged the whole series. Still high quality TV, although I don’t always love the pacing.

[Here]( 3:25 PM) is an interesting article pointing out what is and is not historically accurate.

Of the inaccuracies, only one really bugs me:

Apparently the queen came up with a plan for Margaret and Townsend in which Margaret would have to give up her place in the line of succession (she was already behind Charles and Anne at that point, so that’s almost certainly irrelevant) but could keep all her titles and allowances and so forth, and she would be allowed to marry Townsend, and Margaret herself turned it down. That’s not a small details, that’s 180 degrees opposite what happened in the show, and puts both of them in a complete different light.

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Most of the casting for this series has been spot-on.

I felt that they missed the mark w/ JFK (especially his weak NE accent) & Jackie. Anyone else feel the same?

I agree on both counts, but I wonder if Americans are better with the casting because we can’t distinguish if the accents are actually appropriate or not while with JFK we immediately know it isn’t right.

Fantastic second season though. The pace is fairly slow, but it works really well I think. Especially considering the subject matter. This isn’t about the tawdry scandals of the royal family (though partially it is) as much as it is about Elizabeth navigating the roles and responsibilities of monarch, which isn’t always the most exciting job.

The photo montage at the end of episode 6 was a nice touch. :wink:

That bugged me two. Of course by this point in time the Queen is probably the only person left alive who knows why Princess Margaret decided what she did, and she’s sure as Hell not going to tell anyone.

I just finished episode 7. The only thing funnier that the Queen Mother leading a conga line at the engagement party was the Queen’s reaction to it. I also loved her private secretary delicately trying to explain her about her sister’s fiancé being bisexual. :slight_smile:

Vanity Fair has done a nice piece on the future - season 3 and possibly 4:

Claire Foy: “You’ll forget all about me and the rest of the cast. You’ll be like, ‘Who are they?’ We’re the warm-up act.”

Yep, the Snowdons are going to provide plenty of material for season 3; plus Charles & Camilla’s early years. Episode 9 was pretty illuminating; whatever you think about Prince Phillip he was a hell of a lot better than his own father (& unusually involved with his children for a man of his time & class).

I know the Keeler scandal was true (Episode 10), but was the Mystery Man also true? If so, was he ever revealed in real life? I know the show fictionalizes bits here and there to make a more compelling story but I haven’t been able to figure out this particular bit.

I suspect Season 3 will not only deal with what alphaboi867 said but also the eventual unraveling of Margaret’s marriage.

Yes there was a Mystery Man but looks like there is no definite answer to his identity. Rumors of him being Prince Philip though.

I have been binge watching The Crown from the beginning over the break and I am mid way through Season 2.

I have to say, if the Duke of Windsor was anything IRL like he is portrayed, well thank goodness that slag Wallace Simpson came along and saved the world from that dude as King. A bigger set of fartypants I have never seen! He’s an icky horrible person in foppish clothes and obnoxious spectator shoes. And that scene where he and Wallace and their shi-shi-poo-poo friends are sitting around in formal attire watching the Coronation on TV while he sour-graped the whole thing was so satisfying to me! They all looked like fools. When it showed him playing his bagpipes and crying it was better than eating a whole chocolate pie! I liked how they showed that he kept up the “I did it for love” bit in public…but can you imagine every fight they ever had? I am sure he threw it up to her every time that he gave up being a King for her. She was stupid not to see that coming so her homely ass deserves it!

I have greatly enjoyed learning so many things about Elizabeth as a young woman, especially that she realized her education was seriously lacking and she took steps to try and correct it. I liked how she told her tutor, “I am all too often finding myself on the back foot, as it were…” which has now become our latest favorite saying in our house. Also, really enjoyed the scene where she confronted her mother about it.

As for Margaret, I don’t really feel sorry for her too much. She was mad at Elizabeth for not bending and breaking protocol for her, and she snipes at Elizabeth constantly about how she was daddy’s favorite and how Elizabeth is breaking the promise they made to their father about not letting anything come between them…BUT in my view, Margaret was the one who first broke that promise by throwing herself headlong at a man who she knew wasn’t appropriate and I think she knew full well that she was making waves and she didn’t care. Her problems are of her own making.

I thought the episode made it clear it was Profumo. Maybe not?

Helena Bonham Carter is all but confirmed to play Princess Margaret in seasons 3 & 4. Also The Republic of Tea now has The Crown themed teas.

I thought the casting of JFK was awful. It would have been more believable if they cast an unknown as JFK that didn’t exactly look like him, but to cast a well-known actor like Michael C. Hall who doesn’t quite look like him is just silly. Maybe they were hoping for another home run like Lithgow as Churchill. He managed not to look like Lithgow As Churchill.

I didn’t really like this season as much as the last one but mainly it was marred by all of the Anthony Jones stuff. It was too soap-opera-ish for me. Maybe as an American I can’t appreciate Princess Margaret as much as she should be appreciated.

I did enjoy the last episode with the school and with teenage Phillip. That boy who played him was awesome!

I watched Victoria season 2 then The Crown season 2 back-to-back so I’m getting everything confused :slight_smile:

I think the show pretty heavily implied that it was Philip, yet still stayed consistent with their presentation of Philips fidelity as ambiguous by never giving us any actual proof.

We know he was invited to one of those parties, then Margaret says there’s a rumor going around that the mystery man is indeed Philip and notes that there is “something Philip in the shoulders,” and then there are reoccurring shots of Philip throughout the episode that focus on his back and shoulders echoing the photo.

Margaret also says that while Profumo admitted the affair, he denied it was himself in the photo.

Almost everything I know about the Profumo affair comes from its half a line mention in Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start the Fire, but the show, to me, seemed to be saying “Yes, this could be Philip.”

I think the “mystery man” concept might be a heavily sanitized version of the “headless man” from the divorce case of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, which happened around the same time. But that picture was never in the newspapers, AFAIK, and I also don’t think there was ever any belief that the man was Prince Philip.

I don’t have Netflix, so I’m not sure which Mystery Man this refers - the tabloids were having a field day, with a number of salacious stories running in parallel with the ins and outs (if you’ll forgive the phrase) of the Profumo affair - among them the Argyll divorce (not Devonshire), in which there were stories of photographs of the Duchess pleasuring a man whose head wasn’t in the photo. The Daily Mirror ran a classic headline - “Prince Philip: Rumours Denied” - though quite what was being denied I can’t remember. Either way, the Duchess’s headless man later turned out to be Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (I’m sure I watched him confirm it in some chat show or other).