Netscape 6 is an ugly piece of shit, why can't they leave a good thing alone?

Netscape apparently thinks they have to look like Internet Explorer to be successful.

Dudes! You didn’t before!!! I hate IE, that why I liked you guys in the first place, it all was so simple.

I just spent an hour downloading this shit; now how do I get it off my system?

Yeah, way too much time was spent designing the “skinnable” interface. It’s distracting at best, and it looks cluttered at 640X480 resolution (for those of us with small monitors). I think most Internet surfers would rather have the browser be as unobtrusive as possible.

I do like that fact that they’ve thrown out the built-in Java support in favor of Sun’s Java plug-in. Now I can upgrade to the latest Java release without downloading a totally new browser. Of course the whole damn thing crashed on the very first Applet I tried to run!

I think I’ll stick with Netscape 4.75 for the time being.

Netscape hasn’t been worth a shit since 4.0. I had a feeling AOL would have that effect on them…

I just don’t fucking understand Netscape 6.

It’s supposed to be “faster, smaller, better”. IMO it’s “slower, fatter, crappier”. I am most displeased, and will keep using 4.7x myself.

Now now Anthracite, it’s not nice to call Netscape “slower, fatter, crappier” just because it’s getting on in years. :smiley:

I think Netscape has sucked since about 4.5. I had 4.04 for a long time and liked it, then I got 4.5x and it was ok, now I’ve got 4.7x and I can see where this train is headed. 6.0 can go fuck itself.

Of course, I also despise Internet Explorer.


(And the last line is an outright lie.)

I guess I’m SOL for now though . . .

Looks are one thing, but they can’t even comply with established standards, including ECMAScript(JavaScript) and they wrote it!! Take a look at for more details.

As a slight HJ, why do you hate IE so much? I’ve always used it, have IE 5.5 and find it incredibly easy to use and never fails. Is it just that its a M$ product? What gives?

Yes, partly just because it is made by Microsoft. The other part is I dislike how it handles security. (And it’s sister program, Outlook Express is the foulest piece of fucking garbage I’ve ever seen. They need to put all copies of the source on a rocket aimed at the sun.) I also dont like kind of bullshit IE sometimes spews (like my quote above, what it says when IE wants to put a cookie on.) In Netscape, it just matter of factly pops up a windows that shows the value of the cookie and asks you if you want it. None of this “the e-commerce lords would like to give you a blow job, if only you’ll let them place this miniscule piece of identifying information on your hard drive.”

Based on my use of both programs though, I agree that IE has far surpassed Netscape in terms of reliability.