Netscape 7 and its weirdnesses that make it useless

Back in the days of Netscape 4.7, I strongly preferred it over Internet Explorer 4 and 5. It was comfortable and convenient to use.

I have downloaded Netscape 7.0, but wound up never using it. Why, I ask, WHY:

Why does it run this bizarre “registration” thingy in the background that never works but only hangs around and accomplishes nothing? It isn’t even a real window. It’s just a fraction of a title bar with nothing under it. You can’t even see it unless you close all the other applications. When I click the X to close it, it always protests: “What?! Don’t you want to REGISTER?” But I can’t see any way to register with it even if I wanted to. This oddity hangs around in the background even after the browser is closed. I tried opening the full browser to register from there just to make the idiot thing go away, but that didn’t work either.

Why does Netscape have to take so long to load and snarf up so much memory?

Why does it never remember the preferences I set? Every single time it opens, I reset it to open with a BLANK page and with no extra tabs. But every single time it ignores my setting, and opens at some preset home page, and sticks the tabs back in that I don’t want.

For these reasons, I never use Netscape 7.0 any more. I always use IE 6. Although I still have the Windows settings for Netscape as the default browser, so if I activate a given file, it starts that clunky Netscape automatically. Gotta remind myself to reset the default to IE, if I can remember how.

Changing Your Default Browser.

Funny, when I installed Netscape 7.0, and later 7.1, I did not encounter any registration problems.

Did you download the full version of Netscape prior to installation, or did you use the “Smart Download” option? Using Smart Download is known to cause problems and load spyware attributes to your system.

FWIW, I would not give up on Netscape.

I didn’t use the Smart Download on this, my new XP computer, because it didn’t have any Netscape to begin with. I just used a regular download using an AOL connection.

I used Smart Download a lot on my previous Win98 computer, but didn’t notice any problems with it. I used Ad-Aware to wipe out any spyware whatsoever the source.

Yes, I have given up on Netscape until the three problems I noted can be resolved. Too bad, I wish they had stuck with the functionality of 4.7, which worked great. They ruined a good browser as far as I can see.

Thanks for the tip, Q.E.D.

Netscape 4x had a flawed engine. It had a dead-end design. I still use it to test for backward compatability issues, as needed.

Netscape 7x is based upon the Gecko engine and comes from the Mozilla project. In terms of page rendering, functionality and web standards, do not turn your back on Netscape. It is light years ahead of IE.

Mozilla is by and large Netscape without the Netscape branding; they used to use the exact same engine (and still might, I haven’t been paying much attention to that recently). If you just need the browser part, I’d suggest Firebird, otherwise get the full Mozilla.

If you don’t like the advertising that comes with netscape, download Mozilla or Mozilla Firebird instead. It’s essentially the same code, much trimmed down. It loads slower than IE because IE cheats - it loads most of itself upon booting up. Netscape/Mozilla has an option which does the same thing, if you like.

Thanks for the background information and advice, everyone. But doesn’t anyone know the answer to the Netscape 7 problems I mentioned? I see the answer to the question about slow loading. But why does the thing run so slow even after it’s loaded? Is it because Micro$oft coded a jinx on Netscape into Windows?

Hauky: Mozilla (in its current form) came about when Netscape decided to release the source code to the current version of their browser. As Netscape itself showed no inclination to maintain that source code, a community sprang up around it and used it as the basis for a new browser. And so, Mozilla was (re)born. Since then, Mozilla and Netscape have been joined-at-the-hip (but not completely) and look-and-feel have been pretty consistent throughout.

(I don’t know if Netscape released the Gecko rendering engine in their open-sourcing or if it has been developed independently by the Mozilla team. In any case, I predict that it will be a point of commonality between Netscape and Mozilla for the foreseeable future. It really is a nice engine.)

I still have 4.72 on my notebook, but may have to cave in soon.

I still use Netscape 4.79 for email, but every upgrade I’ve downloaded has been terrible. I hate, hate, hate the way it looks and I find it “hangs” a lot. So I always go back to 4.79.

This might be a bit late, but:

Better than the rest.

I knew the mandatory plug for Opera was coming, I just didn’t think it would take a whole 11 posts before it showed up. What took you so long? :slight_smile:

I don’t use Netscape or Mozilla on my iMac because it’s soooooo sloooooow. It’s a memory hog of epic proportions. It’s too bad, because I would prefer to use a non-Microsoft product.

I’ve switched to Netscape 7 from IE (runnin Windows2K). It is a bit slower in loading images but I don’t mind the performance loss because I really like some of the features like cookie handling and popup blocking. I haven’t noticed any of the other issues the OP brought up. Netscape 6, on the other hand was unusable. I’ve got a 4 year old Pentium and made sure I have plenty of memory - somewhere between 256 and 512. Memory is the key.

A solid vote here for Mozilla Firebird. It’s truly the “lean mean browsing machine” that they claim.

I like it for its anti-spam features:

  • Right click on any image and you get a “block images from this server” menu item – byebye, Doubleclick!
  • Download the anti-Flash extension and all Flash movies are rendered as buttons that say “Click to play Flash”
  • Popup blocking is integral (old news, I know, but it does work nicely!)

I am so happy I can browse without having all of that annoying crap flashing in my peripheral vision.

Well, I got Netscape 7.1 cause it corrects stuff in 7.0, plus it has a popup blocker. You can buy it on cd for about $5.00

For what it’s worth, I don’t have any problems with Netscape 7.02 on my G4.

I can’t get anything to work in IE (older version, I don’t know which one), I only keep it as a backup and for sites that are not up to speed with newer browsers.

To the OP (you hijackers!):

Have you tried uninstalling & reinstalling? Have you tried uninstalling, cleaning the registry of all mention of Netscape, and then reinstalling? I never had any problems w/Netscape 7, but I haven’t used it in years. (chalk up another vote for Mozilla)

(Sorry if this gets multi-posted)

Yeah, I thought of uninstalling. Looks like I’m the only one who ever noticed the problems I asked about. I’ll try that … although I hesitate to delete stuff from the registry.