Network account problem

I’ve been playing with networks for a few years now, but I haven’t run into this before and am hoping someone out there has and is able to help:

At work we run a domain. Last week, we changed over our main storage server (not a BDC or PDC - just a plain old storage server). Since then, we’ve been running into a problem with some of our users where they get messages that their account has been locked out, but User Manager doesn’t show anything wrong. Of roughly 500 people on our network, maybe 6 have had this problem. One, and only one, of them was fixed by removing his computer from the domain, renaming it and re-joining it to the domain. This procedure did no good for the other users.

We’re also unable to create new users (or groups) or copy users.

Has anyone any idea what has gone wrong for us and how to fix it ?

Anyone ?