Network Address Translation (NAT) & my router

Well I finally broke down and decided to start playing an old online video game again, the only problem is it will not work with NAT enabled. I have a router that gives me the option - enable NAT or disable NAT. When I disable it, my internet connection will not work, when I enable it, I’m able to connect to the web instantly. No amount of rebooting the computer/cable modem/router seems to fix this, but I know when I first installed this game I was able to have NAT disabled with no problem.

I know it’s a long shot, but are there any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks.

What are you doing wrong? Well, for one thing, not providing info that others on the board need to know to help you.

Look in the docs for the router, it will explain how to do port forwarding for various applications. Find the port(s) used by your game. Forward those ports to your game playing computer.

Some routers also offer a “DMZ” type option that puts a given computer directly on the Net. Sure to work but also exposes you to more Bad Stuff.

Ok some more info - it’s a Belkin 4 port router and I’m running Windows XP, and yes it does have a DMZ option. The game also does tell which ports are required (like 9000, etc). I tried to put the IP I use to connect to the router (192…) in the DMZ area but didn’t seem to have any luck with that either. Thanks for any additional help.

Firstly, NAT routers are a huge concern for online gamers. I have no doubt that there is information on the internet for resolving this, both for your game and your setup. You would probably get information much faster checking other sites and finding others with similar problems.

But I will try to help anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are using XP, your may have the XP firewall enabled. You can turn it off by unchecking the box shown in this picture.

Now you can try to get the game working with NAT:

You need to forward the required ports to your IP in the router. Setting your IP as the DMZ tells the router to send all unforwarded ports to your IP. If you set up those ports in the router and put your computer in the DMZ, the DMZ setting may do nothing for you. Removing the port forwarding settings, then putting your computer in the DMZ should work, but is not considered a very good idea from a security standpoint. Still, it’s a useful troubleshooting procedure.

Once you get the game working with your computer in the DMZ, you can remove it from the DMZ and set up port forwarding so your PC is not wide open to the internet.

If for some reason that doesn’t work…

Disable NAT

You probably have the 192.168.x.x address “hardcoded” into your TCP/IP settings. Write down all of your current TCP/IP settings, disable NAT, and switch to DHCP in your XP network settings (Automatically obtain an IP address or something like that…). This should allow you to pull an IP address straight from your cable modem. View your network connection details. Your IP address should not be 192.168.x.x OR 169.x.x.x. If it is, you may need to reboot your cable modem or call your cable company.

Yikes this went way too long. Let me know how it goes.