tech support -- xbox one strict nat

I got a new cable modem and it caused a double nat solution, which i fixed by bridging the modem with my wifi router, but I also ended up with a strict nat setting on my xbox one.

I fixed it by doing this:

I’m a Mac user, running Mavericks, so I also had to start by using this software:

That’s right, I followed protocols by two strangers on the web and now I’m asking other strangers about said protocol. =/

First off, it absolutely worked. This 100% solved the xbox one strict nat problem, it’s now open nat and immediately fixed several connectivity issues I had on the xbox one.

So strangers get a point for that.

My only other question is, does their solution open me up to any surprise attacks? That is, did I inadvertantly give some spammers access to my computer? It all seems on the up and up, but I wanted to throw it out there. Just in case.



I watched the vid and he changed his settings to a static ip on the Xbox. He also forwarded ports so that traffic would get to that xbox. pretty standard stuff really. As long as you didnt do the DNZ you are fine.

Thank you!!!