network cable unplugged? W2k problem

ooookay so here we are running windows 2000 with a intelinbuisnerss 10/100 network card and a copy of emule running in the background. every 5-10 minutes or so, i’ll get a message stating “network cable unplugged” even though the cable is firmly in on both ends. after about 30 seconds or so itll go back to normal. this only started today as i just wiped my hard drive and did a clean install of 2k after using windows 98. any clues, suggestions?

Provided there’s no additional network card you overlooked, I’d change the driver for the NIC. Sometimes the default Microsoft supplied one doesn’t fit the bill in every respect.

My experience is that all versions of Windows often have problems with hardware during re-installations. First I’d simply try removing the NIC from Device Manager and then rebooting to find the new hardware and then reinstall the card and the network connection. If that doesn’t work, do the same removal stuff but this time shut down the system and open the case and move the NIC to a new slot before you boot back up.

Good luck!

i’m using the driver from intels site. and it only seems to happen when emule is running.

What’s the other end of your cable plugged into?

Do you have any firewalls running? eMule uses specific ports and your firewall or some other program might be dropping connection thinking that there’s something bad going on.

I’ve come to find, as you have, that “network cable unplugged” rarely means the network cable is actually unplugged :wink:

Check firewall stuff. Maybe antivirus stuff too. See eMule settings for what ports you need available (TCP and UDP)

the other end is plugged into my router. as for zipperjj i may have ot open the ports on the router… thought those would be open from my previous install where i had to open ports for edonkey and bittorrent, but if it was a port problem with edonkey why would it drop the entire internet connection?

err problem with emule even… L

apparently this problem is also causing one of my roomates computers t ogo down as well. he is also running w2k. how the problem can affect only my computer i can understand, but another one on the same network?

Perhaps the issue is with the router.
Have you checked the manufacturer’s help section?

I don’t know the cause of the problem, but I’ve seen it happen under WinXP throughout my office. The problem seemed related to heavy network traffic of any sort, not just eMule. I think I first saw it start happening when I swapped out a cheap 8-port Linksys 10/100 ethernet switch for a high-quality 24-port rack-mount switch, so I always assumed it was something funky about how the switch was handling the individual ports. I made the problem go away on my desktop PC by uninstalling WinXP and replacing it with Mandrake Linux, but that’s probably not a viable option for most people. Heh…