Neutral Zone?!?!

All I want to know is When the hell did the Feceration and Klingon’s set up a Neutral Zone? I mean the Romulan’s had one that neither side could cross without starting a war. Now suddenly the Klingons have one too except they trot across it at will. (This is pre Star Trek: The Next Generation so don’t start with the Klingons are the Federations Allies stuff)

No mention of a Neutral Zone was mentioned in Star Trek (TOS indeed! the show is called Star Trek damn it! There is no subtitle) Even after the Organian treaty. Remember several episodes later show Klingons in Federation space (Including one base “Trouble with the Tribbles”)

So where did this Spherical Neutral Zone come from?

Side note:
According to that graphic used in the opening of the film, the Klingsons have good reason to feel threatened. There entire Empire is small and completely surrounded by Federation holdings… or am I misinterpreting what I see?

Sometime after Kirk’s five year mission but before V’Ger there was an incident. The aftermath was the Klingons got their bumpy heads back and got a neutral zone. The Feds got a nice shiney nickel! Kirk should have never taken that promotion…