Nevada Early Voting Ends: 47% Of Active Voters Voted! Mostly Democrats!

Thislink tells the story in detail.

Yes, there is still Tuesday for Republicans to come out and vote, but that is going to have to be one hell of a “get out the vote” for the Republicans to overcome this lead.

One statistic that is not mentioned in the article, but was reported on local news is that 40% of those who voted early are “new” voters - meaning the registration efforts by the Obama supporters seems to be paying off big time.

Trying not to count chickens just yet, but at least here in Nevada, things are starting to look very good for this Obama fan.

I mentioned this in another thread, but this past weekend, we knocked 580,000 doors in Indiana.

That’s great news. But how is 47% “more than half the state’s active registered voters”? Is there some nuance I’m missing?

The earlier figure included absentee ballots, and the 47% was only early voting.

Nah. If reporters were better at math, they wouldn’t be reporters. :wink: (Journalists: Lazy, drunk and bad at math!)

The Obama camp registered something like 1600 college students down at Shippensburg, which has maybe 6500 undergraduates total. The local board of elections is worried that there won’t be enough machines to go around, since all 1600 registered in Cumberland County so they could stay in Shippensburg to vote, which is easier than taking the day off to go home, or requesting an absentee ballot and hoping it gets there and back on time.