Fox News Practically Gives Obama Nevada Victory: Early Voting Showing Trends

I know, it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, but Fox News has all but called the state of Nevada for Obama, due to overwhelming numbers of Democrats turning out for early voting. You can also see total number of Clark County (heavily Democratic) voters to date here.

I have to admit I am somewhat encouraged, but also a bit surprised that more Republicans have not gone to the polls. Traditionally, the Republicans have been the first to vote but, by apparently waiting until November 4th, it seems to be an odd switch in trend.

I am not quite sure if I should read anything into this, but could this be the result of the “low enthusiasm” factor by Republican voters?

Well, I don’t live in Nevada, but we have early voting in Florida. From what I understand, the Democrats are very enthusiastic about Obama, and can’t want to make their voices heard.

I’m not voting for Obama, but I am voting Nov 4. And from what I’ve heard, absentee ballots are favoring McCain.

We’ve got 11 more days. Let’s just sit back and try not to read anything into the polls. Things can turn on a dime.

I live overseas, but am registered in Nevada as I spent most my life there. My wife and I both voted for Obama and are really hoping Nevada can go for Obama. It’s only 5 electoral votes, but every vote counts and Nevada has generally been red.

I have never voted for a Republican or Democrat but this time there was absolutely no question at all.

Obama 08!

I’ll get around to voting maybe this afternoon. I have got exactly one mailing and one call from the McCain campaign, and probably more than 15 mailings/calls/door to door from the Obama campaign. I don’t think that this is necessarily too premature.

That’s interesting since this site: gives Obama only a slight lead (43% to 46%) in Nevada, based on a poll from three days ago. At this point, most states have only 5-7% undecided, which is also interesting.

It’s either low enthusiasm, or since FOX is reporting it, a Rope-a-Dope. Democrats will see the reports that Obama has won Nevada and not bother to vote. Meanwhile, on Election Day, the rest of the Republicans will go out to vote and somehow McCain will win.

I try to avoid tinfoil in general, but I’ll don my cap to your latter suggestion, good sir.