Never seen Steve McQueen photos (including some prime backside)

I just discovered these links on Huffington Post. (NOTE: Picture 5 is probably NOT safe for work)

Here are some more never-seen photos. (Picture 7 is probably not safe for work either)

[sexist fluff]SA-WOON![/sexist fluff]

He kinda had that James Dean thing going for him. Only he struck me as a little brighter.


The picture 7 I’m seeing is of him on the phone in his living room. How is the photo “probably not safe for work”?

Hubba hubba. Sex appeal in the raw.

Oh, yes.

Truly, thank you for these links.

My Dad, who is also 80, looked a lot like McQueen when Dad was younger.

:smack: Gah, I meant 9, sorry.

His wife (Neile Adams) looks adorable.

I love how the magazine cover of he and his wife on the motorcycle calls them “The Steve McQueens”. I did a double take, thinking it was a typo, until it hit me what they meant.

Yummeh! Thanks for the links.

He always came across as a smart arse in his films (to me). Maybe that helped his appeal.

He was a prime example of men who aged well…he just seemed to get more “rugged” and still looked damned good pretty much until the day he died.

So true. In that sense, I see George Clooney as a modern-day Steve McQueen and I couldn’t help both of them make this middle age woman all hot and bothered.

I once read that his, ah, trouser trout was of legendary porn-ready proportions. I did see a frontal nudity shot somewhere on some naked-celebrity site, but wasn’t impressed… I remember my parents taking us kids to the drive-in eons ago to see The Great Escape, good times!