Never there something wrong with me?

I probably consume about 400ml of liquid per day…in the form of two coffees in the morning, and sometimes a swig of mineral water later, but only when my mouth feels like the bottom of a cocky cage. I really have to remind myself to drink stuff.

But I still never seem to have the sensation of ‘thirst’. In fact I remember the last time I felt actively thirsty, and it was about 7 months ago when driving…so I pulled into the nearest 7-11 and bought a bottle of lemonade. Took two gulps, and my thirst was satiated.

What brought it home to me today was undergoing a colonoscopy. Spent yesterday chugging the preparation stuff, and promptly vomiting it back into the dunny bowl (between attacks of the squits!) The doc today couldn’t find a patent vein (funny that) but eventually whacked the bejesus out of one and I woke up in recovery.

But I still wasn’t thirsty even then. :confused:

Do any of you not get thirsty?

Even through the heatwave last week? I was drinking like a fish.

I almost never get thirsty. It drives my diabetic spouse, who is frequently thirsty, insane sometimes. He used to find it unbelievable that I wasn’t thirsty but now he’s used to it.

If ever I do utter the words “I’m thirsty”, though, he tends to treat it as an emergency and brings me fluids immediately.

It’s annoying because I have to think about drinking sufficient fluids all summer (spouse often asks me “Have you had anything to drink recently?”). When I went to Arizona I made a point of frequent fluid consumption as I was cautioned not to wait to feel thirsty before drinking. This recent severe cold spell the dry air was bad enough that it did make me thirsty so it’s not impossible to induce the need in me, but that might have had as much to do with a feeling of dry mouth as actual thirst.

On the other hand, at medical check ups I always show up as healthy so presumably it’s just human variation.

I don’t generally get thirsty either. From time to time, I try to make myself drink water, but it always fails because I just forget about it.

I get by on coffee and wine.

I get thirsty and drink liquids frequently throughout the day. 2 cups of coffee in the morning, and about a liter (sometimes more) of carbonated no-sodium water the rest of the day. I used to drink 2-3 cans of diet soda in addition to the coffee. I work in a call center so I have to talk all day, which really dries out my mouth. If I didn’t have to do this for my job, maybe I’d drink less.

If it matters, my most recent hemoglobin A1C test said I wasn’t diabetic or even pre-diabetic (yet, anyway, although it’s probably inevitable).

Add me to the “never thirsty” list. My GF is constantly drinking water (and consequently having to pee every 5 minutes) and I have no conception of why; it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

My husband is like this. I’m completely the opposite. At a restaurant I will drink my water and his water by the time they come to refill the glasses. It boggles my mind, but he’s happy.

Do you eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and other non-processed foods? They often contain a significant amount of water.

I drink a lot of fluids. I have gout and getting dehydrated can kick it off. I also do things like ride a bicycle 100+ miles on hot Summer days. I drink gallons of fluids then.

I had a kidney stone in my mid-20s and a severe kidney infection when I was 9. Since it seems like I’m predisposed to kidney issues, I like to keep everything moving as much as possible.

I am constantly thirsty and have to have a drink of some kind available to me at all times. On a typical weekend day I will drink 8-10 12 oz. beverages. I do not have diabetes or any other related health issues; I just drink a lot (only non-alcoholic beverages).

I did have a friend who was never thirsty and had to force herself to drink. She had polycythemia and had a serious problem with becoming dehydrated. I once had to take her to the hospital when she became disoriented because of dehydration.

Damn, must be nice not having to wake up in the middle of the night to go pee.

I drink about 3 cups of coffee over a 4 hour period in the morning. At night I keep a diet soda by the bed but only take a sip or two for a dry mouth. I pee maybe 3 times a day. On a hot summer day if I am active I will get very thirsty aand drink water.