Neverwinter Agony. Share the grief over computer games.

Computer games are evil. It’s as simple as that. I don’t really play them, b ut every now and then a game comes along that I really would like to have and play to my heart’s silly content.


After about two years of waiting, between knowing about the game and it finally coming out, and then my wife having her computer in a different state so that I can’t play stuff (namely Diablo II - the only game I play often) and my laptop certainly can’t handle it.

So she finally brings her computer hoem to New York and I get into Debablo. I’m having a good time.

I decide to go out and get a new game … one that I have been waiting to play for years.

“Neverwinter Nights.”

I install it … and motherfucker! The Goddam computer is too old and won’t run it right!!!

The graphic displays are screwed up, things just don’t come on the screen at all, and everything is moving so slowly that if I entered combat I’d be dead before I even see it happen.

Now the damn thing has to sit on a shelf for who knows … years … until we get a new computer.

Fucking shit this is annoying.

Do you have similar horror stories about the shittyness of computers vs. games?

Share them and fuck the Goddam companies that make’em!

Hate to break it to you, but you aren’t missing much with Neverwinter Nights. Pretty mediocre game.

I seldom have serious problems with computer games because I bought my computer specifically for gaming, and made a point of buying the best and most compatable components. However, I was not so lucky when I picked up a copy of No One Lives Forever 2, which had a buggy copy-protection scheme which prevented my DVD drive from reading it. Pissed me off something fierce. I’d been looking forward to that game for years, and I get foiled by bullshit anti-pirating crap that always punishes legitimate consumers but doesn’t do crap about preventing actual piracy.

There’s this little box with system requirements listed, maybe you should read it before you buy anything.

sturmhauke, that would be like going into a gas station and asking for directions. It just isn’t done.

And I’m an idiot when to comes to computers.

There’s precident.

Bah. Those little boxes lie like cheap rugs.

Like Bill Shatner’s cheap rugs, in fact!

Gorgon, I know what you mean. I have problems running NWN on both of my systems.

The first is a Dell, running a 500 Mhz PIII. I had to upgrade the memory and video cards just to run the game, but I have a hardware conflict with my onboard video I haven’t resolved, so the game runs for a short time and crashes to reboot.

I just got one of those cheap eMachines at Wally-Mart, just for the CD-RW. I upgraded the memory with an additional 256Mb and added a Radeon 7000 card. Suits me right for getting the cheapest I could find- NWN runs OK, but there are conflicts in the NWN software with the Radeon hardware and software.

What helped me make it work, somewhat, was the help I found on the NWN-Bioware site. With a little patience and willingness to dig for the info you can get most problems resolved.

I hope you can get it running. I’m working on a persistent world, if you’d like to play in a game with a group that’s interested in playing on a regular basis.

I would agree with Miller that the story in NWN is weak, and if you get the game for the single-player experience or if you are looking for something new you will be disappointed.

NWN is worth it, though, if you are any type of DM- it makes it easy to set up your game world. The 1000+ modules availabe online makes it easy to find an appropriate adventure for you to play, and online multiplayer is better in some respects than a pen-and-paper game (less rules arguments, the DM can set up dialog in advance, the DM can role-play any NPC he likes, etc…)

Good luck with the game. Feel free to contact me if you want to get together to adventure.

The main thing you need to do to run games is get rid of all the junk running in the background. I have a PII-350 and an nVidia GeForce 4 MX 440, and I can run NWN just fine. I can even run Morrowind, but it is fairly slow, as it requires a PIII-500.

Also check for driver updates for your hardware.

Well, especially with the new next-generation games slated to come out in the next year or two (World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, Horizons to name a couple), you really do need higher specs. You still generally can play games on older systems, but slowly but surely, the graphics engines these games are starting to use, simply aren’t designed to run well on an older computer (anything under a gig processor and GeForce MX2). They’re forecasting EQ2 will need min. 2 gig processor and FX-based graphics crads to run. For instance, I’m (you didn’t hear this from me) in the Star Wars: Galaxies beta, I run a 1.52 AMD Athlon 1800+, GeForce 2 MX 64 meg card, and 512 of RAM. It runs the game fine, but it’s DEFTINITELY lacking from what it should be, I have to turn alot of effects off to run it relatively lag-free. The biggest problem IMHO, is with MMORPGS (multi-player online roleplaying games( such as EverQuest [<- 3 year vet], Dark Ages of Camelot, Anarchy Online, etc.) because of the sheer number playing on one server at any given time.

For those who are SERIOUSLY into online gaming, or want to be, Alienware makes some incredible gaming computers…but keep in mind, this company is expensive as hell, though worth it if you can’t for some reason build your own comp. and are as harcore into games as I am. They even recently came out with a LAPTOP designed for gaming. The specs on the thing are better than my desktop, and it was top of the line a year ago when I bought it. =p

I’m all too familiar with upgrade grief. My most recent PC can run just about anything out today, but it’s currently locked in storage at my East Coast college, while I’m back home for the summer in California. As a result, I’m stuck on the old computer, an aging wreck that can barely run Counter-Strike, much less Neverwinter Nights.

The constant need to upgrade, and the never-ceasing hardware woes (the latest was Tribes 2, of all things, deciding that my brand-new college PC didn’t satisfy its minimum specs), finally convinced me that consoles are a better investment in general. I just don’t have the cash, time, or patience to deal with the hassles involved in PC gaming anymore.

With a few exceptions anyway. Helloooo Half-Life 2…

Y’know, I’d be spending hours upon hours playing Morrowind every day, but I recently found out that I have bad RAM (and it’s getting worse… things crash from memory errors quite often, even IE), which is killing my gaming. Anything and everything that requires any significant memory and bandwidth usage causes severe problems.

Luckily, I’ve got several hundred dollars coming in to solve this problem…

Oh well. And I second the sentiments about Neverwinter Nights. I was promised the world, but you know what? There’s a reason why D&D rules work so well with pencil-and-paper tabletop RPG’s… it’s because they DON’T work with PC RPG’s. Morrowind’s interface and system is infinitely superior.

If it makes you feel better, you can wait about eight to ten months, drop a $180 on an Xbox, and pick up Fable.

The only thing worse than not having the specs to run a game is not having the specs to run a game (by less than 100 mhz no less! If only my dad wasn’t so set against overclocking…), but having a brother who does. 3 times over. A brother who uses it like a club to win arguments and get his way no less. Isn’t family just the best?

How about bad media?

Recently I started playing Final Fantasy 8 again on my PC (yeah yeah bad game, but it’s the only one I havn’t finished yet), and the game always craps out on the same part of a FMV cutscene. It’s got to be bad media.

I’ve tried everything, so no need to help troubleshoot :). I’ll just find it in the bargain bin someday…

Hm. Not good news for the game then, eh? Sucks. I don’t play games on-line, so that won’t be happening.

I liked NWN a lot - there are quite a few good modules out there as well, so I thought it was more than worth the purchase.

If you want to see D&D rules done well on a PC get Baldurs gate II. Morrowind is good, but Baldur’s gate II is much better.

For Neverwinter Nights there might be some hope in the expansion. They basically admitted that they did terrible on the storyline and will work to improve that in the expansion.

Eh, I didn’t like NWN that much. Way too many stupid little things you have to do. The toolset was quite fun, I got more use out of that than the game.

I have a cheaper solution, although you’ve already passed it up. I only buy games that are 3 - 5 years old. My system is way ahead of the specs on these older games. They are lower in price and most of the bugs are already patched. Of course I can’t join the gamer discussions at the office. They’re always talking about bugs and crashes and hardware incompatabilities… I don’t think I’m missing much.