Blizzard, you suck. (Lame)

I bought my husband World of Warcraft for Christmas and he’s really into it. He wants me to play so we can group together, and while I’d really, really like to, I can’t. Blizzard has temporarily ceased production of WoW because too many people bought it and the servers are getting swamped. I can’t find it anywhere online or in my area, and they won’t allow me to purchase a new CD-key and account from them so I can play on the software I already own. So I pit Blizzard for not planning accordingly for the popularity of their game – those Commodore 64’s you picked up on the cheap aren’t cutting it.
I pit myself for being a fucktard and not picking up two copies when I had the chance.

Neither nor show it as out of stock. Have you exhausted every avenue? Are you sure? Have you tried that other place, you know, that one? :slight_smile:

Seriously, it’s possible that there are still copies floating around out there. If it’s legal, maybe you could even buy an account from someone who’s stopped playing.

Amazon showed it as backordered and so did Target, BestBuy, Circuit City, EBGames, Gamestop, Blizzard (they don’t even re-stock their own game), etc… but I didn’t know about Gogamer - you just made my day! :slight_smile:

Ebay is selling some copies, but some are going for $80. :eek:

I swear, Blizzard could hand out free pinatas to every person in the United States and people would still find a reason to complain. They should have forsaw the demand, sure, but perhaps that would have involved funding they couldn’t get at the time and might have made the whole thing a no-go. Kudos to them for keeping the game playable instead of going for every last buck. All MMPORGs have to make nasty comprimises, and I commend Blizzard for taking the high road on this one.

Do you have a cite for this?

I read it here.

The “Assistant Community Manager” said

Which, if true, doesn’t mean they’ve halted production, just that they’re throttling back on shipments to retailers to slow the number of players who join the game every day.

I consider it a safe bet that they’ve compared various factors here, such as “Will people still buy the game if it’s hard to find for a week” and “Will new purchasers choose not to subscribe if their first impression is bad” and “Will our existing players stop subscribing if the game is too laggy” and “How fast can we add more hardware and servers to bring performance back up” and found what they believe is the best available solution.

I, on the other hand, feel the best available solution is for them to give me piles of money, but those bastards won’t agree, despite my repeated emails.

I feel your pain. My husband got it at release and I had to wait until dec 20th to get my copy because they were so hard to find. It’s a great game, so here’s hoping you get your copy soon!

Hey Microsoft won’t even give me a job despite the fact that I offered to work for big piles of money. :smiley:
I did manage to snag a copy thanks to DeadlyAccurate, and it says it shipped already. I should get it tomorrow.
The thing that bugs me is that I already have a copy of the software, so why not let people who already have it, register a second account? I know why they won’t, but it irritates me anyway.
Hijacking my own thread → did you get your SLI mobo yet?

Not yet. It’s on the “someday soon I really gotta buy” list, from which items are purchased as soon as I convince myself that it’s rational to pay that much money for such an item. Maybe in a month or two.

Well, all I have right now is that motherboard and a power supply sitting in a bare case. The damn thing looks so cool even with nothing plugged in. :smiley:

Sorry, I was a bit snarky. I’ve made this mistake of going to the WoW messege boards, and the whole thing is nothing but big whine fest.

“Warlocks need to be nerfed!”
“No, Mages need to be nerfed a lvl 10 mage killed me wah!”
“Nerf everythng but priests!”

and on and on and on

Yeah, the WoW messageboards will make you think everyone in the game is an immature, whiny brat with the spelling skills of a dog. Fortunately that’s not really the case, though I’ve grouped with a few rather bad and rude players.

That’s okay, all message boards are like that. :wink:
Almost every gaming board I visit though is a huge bitch fest. EQ was the same way - nerf this, nerf that. After Halo 2 came out and people saw the “ending”, they were howling for blood on Bungie’s own forum. It was ugly.

Well, one problem with server populations, besides the obvious (lag) is the in-game economy. As a server gets heavily populated, ordinarily rare things start becoming increasingly abundant. This drives down the value of everything else. Tradeskills are a lot of fun, and on young servers they are a great source of income. But when everyone and their mother is an uber tradeskiller, certain tradeskills like alchemy and enchanting can be difficult, if not impossible (in some locations) to turn a profit :frowning:

Also, guards in some towns are bugged; the more people play in PvP, the bigger this is going to be a problem. I don’t have a problem wtih PvP, I think its a lot of fun, but when there are tons of high-level players present on a server you have ganking galore. On the other hand it offers up the potential for some epic battles (haven’t seen any of that scale though :frowning: )

If anybody else is in the situation the OP was in (having the software but not being able to create an account), I can give them the free 10 day guest pass that came with my Collector’s Edition of the game.

(Unless that pass must be used only with an install from my own discs. It says to lend the discs to a friend then give them the pass, but it doesn’t say if it will work if they borrow somebody else’s discs. Anybody have the straight dope on this?)

Substitute “runewords” or “casters” for warlocks, “killed me” for “PKed me” (or “pwned me”) and [character class/item] for priests and you have your average gamer-relying-on-gear-instead-of-skill.

When the patch (1.10) for Diablo II Expansion came out, and ladder play (starting with level 1 characters with nothing elite stashed, nothing but the clothing on their backs and whatever was in their hands) was introduced, there was a veritable crowding of the servers for folks who wanted a clean realm and a new start. Hacking, duping and other such things had been much-lamented, complained about etc. and a lot of us (some more loudly than others) wanted something that wasn’t even remotely legit.

Except that when they said they wanted to start over, they really meant they were bored with being able to make level 95 characters in a day, complete with gear that would make the best SDMB players drool. Folks who had been relying on gear instead of skill, whose reflexes, short-term planning (and, in the case of some, inability to leech “sufficiently” off physical damage) and general ability had atrophied, found all the fault with the game and none with their ineptitude. It was, in short, their own bloody fault.

Meanwhile those who were good (not complaining but logging many hours of playtime) were climbing the ranks, which in turn led to finding the gear and levels others so desperately wanted. Doper D2 players soon had multiple characters in the high 70s and 80s and at one point probably had one character of each class either very high 80 or into the 90s. Granted, we didn’t dominate the ladder, but we were up there.

By this time, the market was fairly well flooded with good - or great - gear and now, with the influx of gear (thanks, eBay, for making today’s mediocre player tomorrow’s 1337 gamer d00d;)), the game was suddenly “too easy”. The items (or “itamz”, depending) were too overpowered, various skills were overpowered, etc.

Strangely enough, in lieu of making the game challenging for themselves, they kept on using the stuff if they had it, or wished they had it (or more of it: “I need another enigma/BOTD/[high-powered piece]”) and didn’t have to rely on their (lack of developed) skill.

You’ll run into these folks in pretty much any online gaming community. Just remember that the folks who are complaining about this or that being too strong (or, usually too weak) are probably not very good players anyway, and you’re better off not having your gaming experience spoiled by folks who are constantly harping about how they “need” better gear. It is generally possible to get through a Blizzard game without having top-of-the-line equipment, and that’s the point.

I have not been to many gaming fora (once you’ve seen about a half-dozen online-gaming threads, you can get a pretty good idea for what you’re likely to encounter in the rest of the place), but the only one not rife with people bitching about the game being too easy or hard or imbalanced or whatnot is the Civ3 site. Civ3 is a turn-based game where you can’t exactly have elite gear. It requires significant strategy and non-linear thinking to be good at Civ3 rather than the clickfest (NOT that there is anything wrong with this) Diablo and other such games can be. Fortunately, the in-game bitching in Diablo is not nearly as pathetic as the in-forum talk. Hope the experience is the same for WoW:)

Blizzard had been absolutely swamped with demand. They sold 250,000 copies on launch day. That’s a quarter of a million in 24 hours. They jumped from 20 to 50 servers in about a week. I’ve heard MMORPG veterans say that despite the enormous numbers, it’s been a pretty smooth launch compared to Dark Age of Camelot or EverQuest. Now, about 6 weeks in, I’ve experienced no major problems, and not even very many lesser ones. Far from sucking, Blizzard fucking rules.

I hope no one is really taking this rant seriously. Blizzard is one of my favorite gaming devs. You may have to wait awhile for it, but they always produce a quality product. After playing EQ, I’m so impressed by how much WoW got right - and that’s why they’ve been swamped. Casual gamers never liked the EQ grind. I can play WoW for 15 minutes and actually manage to complete a quest. In EQ, that same time would have been spent traveling or maybe killing a single bat and then resting.
Anyway, my second copy shows up this afternoon so it’s all good. :smiley: