Neverwinter Nights MMORPGS

Has anyone tried them out and, if so, how are they?

I’ve played it on PC and Xbox. It works better as a console game in my experience. I really enjoyed it for awhile. The combat is very flashy action but strategic and fun.

The problem with it and the reason I eventually gave up is that it’s the epitome of “pay to win”. The game is set up in such a way that you just have to pay cash to play the end game stuff. And I mean a lot of cash. It’s probably the greediest game I’ve ever experienced, which is what makes the fun of the game that much more insidious; it sets you up then aggressively attacks your wallet. It’s simply Machiavellian in how it tries to manipulate and masterfully gets you addicted and preys on you.

I’ve never had more of a love/hate relationship with a game in my life. It was fun but I also wish I’d never played it.

By the way, I assume you mean Neverwinter Online and not the original Neverwinter Nights online game from 1991.

Yes-The newer online game.

Didn’t the first D&D online flop horribly? They thought their brand would turn a very boring and basic experience into cash generating In-Game Purchases juggernaut. What they got was a lot of initial interest followed by a lot of begging and pleading on their part to please come play their boring game and pay to win.

I am generally more in favor of subscription based MMPORPGs with “pay to twink” or to skip grinding.

Ugh. 4th Edition.

Trying to be “computer friendly” almost killed D&D. The fact that this game exists is a reminder of a very dark time.