New Amsterdam cancelled

Of course it was…this is Fox we’re talking about. :rolleyes:

Another link on that page says that the CW cancelled Aliens in America, which is unfortunate, as it’s a good show.

Did they ever settle with Pete Hamill for ripping of the concept of Forever?

Dammit. I liked that show.

I do wonder, though – one of the comments on the linked page mention that the show was “at odds with the FOX network’s right-wing political agenda.” What’s up with that? I watched every episode and can’t think of any ‘political agenda’ it explored at all.

The ones who complained about FOX prematurely cancelling shows without giving them a chance have a point, though.

Well, crap. Every time I find a new show I enjoy, it gets cancelled.

The person who made the comment was an idiot who has transposed Fox News Channel with the Fox Network.

They must have missed that Simpsons episode where Kent Brockman explains it all.

New Amsterdam just wasn’t a good show. Was it preempted like other Fox shows or did they pretty much just show New Amsterdam when they were supposed to show it? I watched the first four episodes on Hulu and I just thought they were ridiculous. They took a decent premise and just filled it with so much silly that it wasn’t fun to watch.


This seems stupid to me. Thing about Fox is, they greenlight a bunch of shows that would never see the light of day on other networks (Arrested Development, American Dad, etc. etc. )but they do cancel them quickly too. Hell, they gave Arrested Development 3 seasons. That was surprising really as it was never a financial success.

But again, there are many more shows that lampoon the right on a regular basis on Fox. American Dad is based on this very premise. Although AD isn’t very overt about it. Jabs at Stan’s conservatism are more silly than serious, and they also make plenty of fun at Haley’s liberalism too.

Others disagree.

I have to disagree. It just wasn’t the show people expected. It wasn’t a very good crime show. What it was, was a really good exploration of what it might be like to be immortal - to watch your children grow old and die, to live with your mistakes and learn from your successes, etc. I really, really liked that aspect of the show. The flashbacks to the past, the repercussions in the present, etc. The episode where he investigates an honor killing while flashing back to a time in America where he killed a person in a duel (for honor) was brilliant.

And the actor was very goood at looking world-weary while still looking young.

The problem with the show is that there’s no way to sell a TV show as a rumination on the nature of mortality, so they had to wrap it in a cop show, and that was the weakest part.

Uh, what Sam said.

Too bad - I liked New Amsterdam.
Plus, I thought Back To You was actually the best new sitcom of the season - sorry to see it go as well.

Just watched episode 8 last night and was wondering why they stopped at 8. The least they could have done is reveal I was right along; his partner is his true love, not that boring doctor skank. :stuck_out_tongue:

He probably also thinks that *American Dad * is a pro-right wing show.

I seem to recall that New Amsterdam was not going to be aired at all and was only put on because of the strike. If so not very surprising that it was cancelled. I enjoyed it but saw it as very flawed.

I thought the same exact thing.

Any word of a petition to get the show back on the air?

I only watched the first episode, and I was underwhelmed. I thought it looked like a cool concept, but it turned out to be The Highlander without the swordfighting, and with an equally ridiculous (as H2) explanation. YMMV.

New Amsterdam, it became much too much…

Or not enough, it seems.

I understand that some people liked it. I didn’t --obviously-- and I happen to think Fox gave this one a fair shake.

I’ve watched it for the past two months, and really enjoyed it. I loved the backstory historical angle, and the buildup of that with John A’s current cases. I really liked the relationship with John and his son, older looking than he,a Black bar owner. The episode detailing that was fine: John is an alcoholic in the 50’s, and has to come clean, so reads his diaries in whole, to his son, a young musician. So, the son knows his Secret of being immortal, but, when that comes up, it’s done in a regular barroom, with the son giving advice.

I think it would have had great potential. I liked Highlander for the same storyline reasons, but New Amsterdam was more appealing for me, because of it’s urban American rooting.