New and Unimproved Workplace Rants

I actually didn’t really bother with notice. Just hit the “last straw” point, gathered personal items, left at lunch, and emailed my resignation. This is a place where it’s not unusual for someone to give proper notice and be informed that’s their last day right there.

That’s GREAT! Congratulations!

Future plans? Got another job? (Need one, or were you able to retire?)

Only 51, so retirement is not on the horizon any year soon. :slight_smile:

This week is basically a vacation, next week I hit the job hunting. I do need a shorter commute (2hr each way on a full-time schedule does not leave enough time for trivia like enough sleep) or at-home, I’ve ruled out fast food (unless I get really desperate) on personal safety grounds after seeing so many news stories about fast food workers getting physically attacked over trivia, and I think I’m a bit burned out on call centers just now.

Anyone else have a supervisor who looks at documents in progress that are saved to the server, then provides feedback long before you’re ready for anyone else to read the document? :expressionless:

I’m in the middle of my third training this week. Our trainer keeps saying “Your guys’s…” It’s making me very sad.

Yep, I’ve had bosses like that.

The last boss I had required documents to be 100% perfect in all ways (content accuracy, fonts and font sizes for all text and headings, all page numbers, indexes, graphics on the heading page, every fecking detail) before I turned it over to him for approval. It was particularly annoying when I’d send an approved, perfect document to the client and they’d mark it up and mess up many subtle things like fonts and graphics (usually slightly skewed), so I’d have to fix it all in addition to making the changes they requested before sending to the micromanager boss for a second approval.

I appreciate accuracy and professional appearance, but I’m also easy going and if the client doesn’t care that a graphic is skewed by 1%, then I don’t either. He drove me nuts.

A now-retired manager at my company was known for rejecting entire reports because the line spacing was off by one or two points on a single paragraph. I once had him stand over my shoulder and direct my formatting on one of these reports. It should be noted that these reports never leave the company; the only time an outside party might see one is during a customer visit or an audit. To my knowledge, the auditors don’t care so much about line spacing as they do about content.

My boss got fired and could have walked out the door immediately, but decided to handover stuff before he leaves.

So now I have more work to do before he leaves, to support him, more work after he leaves, to get the work done, plus every interaction with other employees starts off with “what happened?”

I’m ready to get back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Well, what did happen? General layoff, malfeasance, incompetence, stepped on someone’s toes?

Nosy people want to know.

Workplace gossip, mystery and drama are the only reason I miss working. Fortunately I have friends who still work in that office to keep me up to date so its all good.

I don’t know the right people, so I never get good office gossip. :frowning_face:

I’m in a teams meeting, and my coworker is telling us all about his gut detox. :woozy_face:

I’ve been using a new test kit for my job. I’d been working with the company testing their product and consequently got in early. It’s really easy and cheap to use. Gets results much quicker than our old test method. Today I wanted to order more cartridges and found out that they have added a middleman and now the price is up 50%. :frowning_face:

And instead of getting it in a week it now takes 6-8 weeks.

That has persisted for me into retirement. I’ll get together with friends who’ve been retired longer than I have, and they’re buzzing with who insulted the new guy in the staff meeting and who kicked the one nice woman off that committee…

Oh, wait a minute. I made a point of avoiding the toxic people while I worked there. THAT’S why I was clueless about the gossip. So I should be glad I never hear it…