New animated ads on regular columns?

I must say I am not pleased with the animated ads on Cecil’s columns. Discreet banners and google ad words are one thing, but animated ads for movies intruding into the article?? This crosses the line acceptable to the smartest, hippest people on the planet (and I suspect even the dipsticks will protest). I would have hoped the Straight Dope could be a refuge from this annoying practice, one usually relegated to sites aimed at the very young or intellectually challenged. I am sad to see I am wrong. Is this a preview of more changes from the new management?

A virus or some malware, perhaps?

Something like this thread, though that’s the SDMB banner and not the ads.

(and I wouldn’t click on the screenshot in that thread, further down someone says their anti-virus program blocked a program called paypopup when they tried).


So you don’t see an animated ad right below Slug’s cartoon:

Yes, I do.

I misread, thought this was SDMB Google ads you meant. :slight_smile:

You can get a static ad or animated ad when you go to that page. I also see that you may get a flash player ad also.

Meh. A little animation don’t bother me none. However, if they start using ads that talk or scream or make any kind of noise when you mouse over them, I might be forced to seriously injur some kittens.

Why bother with ads at all?

I don’t mind ads: everybody has to make a living I figure.

Animated ads are highly irritating though, but hardly unique to the Straight Dope.

Those with the Firefox browser can download the Flashblock extension. It blocks all flash content until you press an onscreen button which allows it to load. No more moving nonsense unless I want it.

Another useful tool is Nuke Anything. For some reason I find the Amazon’s ads to be unsightly. Nuke anything removes them and any other image or selection I dislike.