New Ant Man trailer is out

I dunno. I still think this looks like Marvel’s first bomb.

Well, Marvel has consistently put out a good product so far, but I agree, “Ant-Man starring Paul Rudd!” doesn’t really fill me with excitement.

This trailer has actually made me pretty excited about the film. I thought the action scenes looked great and the humor worked.

I dunno. I’ll go see it. People thought the movie with a talking raccoon was going to bomb.

Paul Rudd? They should cast Jason Bateman for something.

If they can pull off a romantic comedy with Ant Man and the Hulk the skys the limit.

Consider - they are basically doing an exact repeat of the Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man model. Take a not-exactly-young guy who built his career being verbally witty and put him in a red & gold super suit, lard in the CGI and you’re good to go. What could go wrong?

The mind boggles, but they pulled off the talking raccoon with a machine gun, so I’ll be there.


I don’t quite know about this one. It seems a bit forced to me.

Then again the failure of this movie could easily because of the shitstorm it was to make it. I think it’s not going to BOMB, but tepid reviews will hurt it

Nah. I can see this working if the audience expectations are right. GOTG meets Iron Man. The only reason it might fail is because the market for comic book hero movies is saturated.

Joe Cornish, Adam McKay, Paul Rudd and Edgar Wright are the screenwriters.
Looks like they are going for lots of laughs with the writers and director.

Hell, I’m in it for the miniaturization aspect alone.

Looks like a bit of fun.

I love the shit out of this.
The jokes landed well (the problem with the teaser trailer from months back was the punchline joke didn’t land) and the effects looked great.

Yellowjacket looks great.

That whole slew of writers didn’t all work together tho, and that’s why people are so worried.

The first script was a Wright and Cornish job, and was, by all reports, pretty freaking awesome, but because of the clusterbomb between Wright and Marvel and the ensuing delays, they both walked, and the script ended up having to be nearly entirely replotted by McKay and Rudd, working (iirc) from either Rudd’s trailer on set, or in hotel rooms on location, to get the plot to fit into the new chronology caused by the delay pushing it to release after Ultron.

Now, they are all funny people, and I am pretty sure Rudd and McKay respect the first two, but when your main plot shifts as much as it seems this one had to, I’m not sure how well it’s going to hold together.

I am hoping that is just me being pessimistic.

we’re there.

The bit at the end of the trailer had me laughing …

Why didn’t I ever notice before what an annoying voice Michael Douglas has? Will give the movie a miss, as I get a Green Lantern vibe from it.

The development hell of this one isn’t encouraging, but it seems like it could work. Decently charismatic cast, different visual styles from the prior flicks, and they’ve said that it’s intended to feel like a heist film, which can certainly be a very fun genre. I’m willing to be pleasantly surprised; I’m pretty confident it will at least be fun to watch.

I’d still love to see Marvel release the original Wright / Cornish version as a comic book / storyboard someday.

That’s the thing that bothers me about this trailer/movie. Iron Man builds a robotic suit and ends up fighting…guys in robotic suits. Ant guy steals a miniaturization suit and apparently ends up fighting…a guy in a miniaturization suit. Really? Not an army of robots and ninjas with fly swatters but some other guy with the exact same technology? It just seems so formulaic.

So, no Wasp? Drat.

(Editing on the quote mine)

Well the MCU has certainly surprised me before by making superhero movies that aren’t superhero movies (Cap 1 being a period piece, Cap 2 being a war drama) I would be quite happy if this ended up as a heist movie.

Feel free to make fun of me: I’m kinda disappointed there are so many ants in this movie. I know he’s ANT MAN, but that’s mostly because he’s small. I’m scared to death of ants so now I’m debating this movie even more

They’re based on the same technology so it would make sense that they’d be similar. Recall that Iron Man’s suit pushed others to do the same. In the first one, Stane stole a previous design and used Tony’s own arc reactor to power it. In the 2nd movie, due to Tony’s success, he’s got copycats. And he didn’t really fight guys in robotic suits in the 3rd, he found Extremis empowered superhumans.

I guess we’ll get there sooner or later on Arrow. Ray Palmer has his super-suit that’s Not Not Not made of Iron, and there have been mentions of Palmer Technology’s miniaturization reasearch… I predict it will be a season-ending intersection of the two. I know the show is supposed to ratchet up into more superhero-y territory as the seasons progress.