Ant-man and the Wasp [possible spoilers past OP]

I’m going to see it shortly in IMAX 3D! I really enjoyed the first movie so I have high hopes that this will be good too.

Baba Yaga!

Saw it last night and it was as entertaining as the first. Did not have the heist movie feel to it, more crooks on the run. Does an excellent job of not forgetting about the MCU movies that come before it, and actually its plot is driven by the consequences of the first Ant-man and Civil War.

I could have done with just a little shorter of a movie but not a big deal. Of course there are two credit scenes.

Michael Peña once again steals every scene he is in. This is more of a 75% Wasp and 25% Ant Man movie, but it works.

I liked it quite a bit. It certainly is not the best Marvel movie, but it works. It is more of a personal quest, then a typical super-hero movie. For some this may be off putting. The villain, isn’t much of a villain. I mean we’re told she’s bad, but we don’t see her do much that’s really all that bad. She’s just trying to

save her own life

And while how she goes about that is morally questionable, she’s not trying to destroy San Francisco or rule the world or whatever. But in a way that’s what makes the end work for me.

Like Scott, she wants out of her life of crime. And she gets it in the end. So that’s good.

Overall, pretty funny, but some of the humor didn’t work for me. But this tends to be subjective and personal.

The movie does drag a little for me in the middle. It felt like there was quite some time of not much happening.

The action sequences are great and the grow/shrink mechanism is used to great effect. Less so when fighting the Ghost, where is used mainly just for dodging, which is a shame. The effect is best when the heroes do something on the small scale, e.g. busting a bag of flour, and then we see the effect that has at normal scale, e.g. distracts the bad guy.

I don’t think we saw any people die, did we? This must be the first Marvel movie to reach the end credits without anyone getting killed.

Did any *people *die in Thor?

The rock creature at the beginning?

I’m glad Foster wasn’t a bad guy.

ETA: Didn’t like the wonky suit, but 2nd movie often takes away powers.

If by “people” you mean “sentient beings”, then a buttload of Frost Giants, including their king, and I think a few Asgardian guards.

That was in Thor: Dark World

-and I heard he just got stoned.

Ghost’s parents, but that was in a flashback, and was purely accidental.

It didn’t really seem like there was any reason for Ant-Man and Wasp not to be around for the events of Infinity War. Nothing had yet happened during the movie, and by the time the after credits scene rolled around they were already “free” and basically just doing whatever.

Ant-Man was either still on probation during the events of Infinity War, as was Clint Barton. I’m pretty sure they specifically mentioned it during Infinity War. Ant-Man, Wasp, and Hank Pym were not free. Hank and Hope are still fugitives, and Scott isn’t supposed to be using his powers.

If my poor memory works correctly, it was 2 years house arrest followed by 3 years probation. While Scott probably would have answered the call (and asked Hope to join him this time), Captain America would not have jeopardized Scott’s freedom by making the call.

No, I meant human beings.

He was on the West Coast, far away from all the action. You think Cap should have swung the Quinjet all the way out there just to pick up this one guy he worked with once?

I think with the fate of the universe on the line, everyone should have/would have shown up. They all acted like they were completely unaware anything was going on. This extends to every character in the movie. People on the streets, law enforcement, and so on. It was a glaring flaw given the timing.

The entire plot of the Avengers 3 covered 24 hours ar most. Maybe Scott and the Pyms went off the grid for a bit before they turned on the mini-tunnel. Or maybe they thought, “Well, some aliens invaded New York, but they left right away, so that’s over.” The whole battle in Wakanda was like an hour long, and I didn’t see a CNN crew there.

I just saw it. It was fun. Probably the best use of toys in a movie since the Toy Story films.

True. It just seems unlikely that they wouldn’t have called in absolutely everyone they could grab. Given the very ending of Civil War, we know that they didn’t, so this isn’t that implausible. Just enough to bug me a little. :stuck_out_tongue:

Even if they had calked them in, how would they have gotten there? “Quick! To the Ant-Jet!”