New Apartment, New Furniture!

In a little over a week I am moving to my very first nice apartment… my very first place on my own that isn’t a crappy, brown carpet and beige walls student-oriented rental. It’s actually the bottom half of a cute duplex, with hardwood floors everywhere (I love them, so much better than carpet) and room for me to set up a devoted study. I’m getting excited about decorating it and getting some new, “for keeps” furniture. In the past I’ve always had dumpster-dive presswood junk tossed out by other students living in other brown-and-tan student rentals. Right now my dining table is a wal-mart card table, and my couch is a (I think also wal-mart) futon couch with sagging beams and a cushion that needs to be readjusted three times a day because it slips right off of the beams. I have two bookshelves made from white assemble-it-yourself presswood, and my bed is sitting on a bare frame. The rest of my furniture is made out of cardboard. :-p

Not that I’m complaining! It’s been fine so far, but it serves as a basis for comparison to what I have planned, I place I can decorate and fill with comfy, substantial furniture and call “home.”

I just found the first piece, a fabulous couch! My friend is going to help me pick it up in her truck tomorrow. I found it on Craigslist. I’m sure many would think it ugly, but it’s just my style. I like “shabby chic” decor, and I love that shade of yellow. I bet I could find some great artwork and an area rug that would go well with it. The listing describes it as “full of good vibes and very comfortable.”

Very M&P, but I had to gush, and my co-workers REALLY don’t care.

Co-workers:"… conversation and so on." lull
Ms v: “My couch is yellow! :D”
Co-workers:blank stare “continuing conversation etc. etc…”

Anyone else furniture-hunting? As soon as my interneship is over I’m going to spend a week or so cruising the Salvation Army and estate sales (thanks to the tips in the GQ thread I posted, I found an estate sale taking place this Saturday that I’m going to hit) to fill up the rest of the house.

Hey, that’s my Mom’s old couch! (Or at least identical to it.) It’s a good napping couch, trust me.

Congrats on your first home. Have fun decorating and furnishing!