Woo-Hoo Unexpected House Warming Presents!!!!

Made it down to Charleston WV early in the afternoon and went over to my apartment. The girl who had it was going to move in with her boyfirned and she wanted to know if I was interested in buying some furniture, so after talking it over with my dad, for $300 I was the proud owner of a desk and a very, very light tan leather sofa and footstool. That was back in mid-July.

Flash forward to this faternoon when we get to the aprtment and discover that in addition to the sofa, footstool and desk, she has also left behind her a pencil sharpener, two very nice blankets, a cable box and a double bed.

Which means I don’t have to go spend $300 on a futon.

Instead I can go spend that money on lap dances, hookers and hard drugs.*

Of course I’m kidding. I’m going to spend the money on graphic novels and DVD porn[SIZE=1].:wink:

*Yes, I’m kidding about the DVD porn as well. The bit about the graphic novels is true.

Heh, thats neat! The previous tenants in this apartment were also students, and when they found out that students would be moving in, the had the superintendent contact us to ask if we wanted a couch they didn’t want anymore. Since we didn’t have one, we said yes! It’s not a nice leather couch, but rather a slightly saggy (but still comfy) ketchupy-orange couch out of hat 70’s Show", but it was free, and we really appreciated it.

To make things better, though, they also left a large bookcase, with a sticky-note saying that since he knew we were students, he figured we could always use more shelf space. We had, in fact, been planning to buy a bookcase of that size, and so it was perfect for us. Also, the doormat (which matches the couch perfectly) was left for us, and a business card for the Bus system with the phone number for the stop right at our front door, with another note about how he thought we’d put it to use. I have a car (and go to school in a different town), but my SO has used the bus many times in the past year and a bit!

And don’t you just love moving into a new place? My life is taking me back to Quebec in a year (mainly cuz I’ve decided I’m going back no matter what!) and I’m already planning where to put furniture in a new apartment that I don’t even have!

One thing I miss about living in apartments are all the cool things left “out back” when someone moves.

I’ve scored, chairs, books, a VCR, lamps, pots/pans, glassware, a high school diploma and other cool things from that never ending pile of stuff.

In fact, I still have a very nice rug.

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