New Bizarre BUICK Advert!

Have you seen it? It shows Tiger Woods flubbiing a shot-he drops the ball into the water trap…as the ghost of Harly Earl looks on (accompanied by the shades of several 1930’s golfers (maybe Bobby Jones?).
Just what is all this supposed to elicit in us? Tiger Woods is young and popular, but who the hell (outsideof golf freaks) would know what these guys in knicker pants are doing on the golf course).
GM advertising dept. must be going crazy…millions of $$ for this?
Old harley-man he just can’t rest!:confused:

The absolute worst part, in terms of effectiveness, is Tiger saying “I see dead people” - as he looks at the camera, and effectively at the folks who might be thinking of buying Buicks.

The brand already has a problem with aging demographics (the customers are dying), and should be trying to go young. Instead, GM has spent a bunch of money to alienate its customers. Harley Earl was just a “Huh?”, but this is a “They said what?”

No Clio for you.

They’ll get one if, as in the past, they rush the dias and grab one.

The whole Harley Earl campaign makes no sense. No one know or cares who Harley Earl was. And the ads don’t hold up to the slighest scrutiny. They as much as say that Earl came back from the dead (i.e., “I’ve come back to build a great car”). Are they saying that modern designers can’t hold a candle to a dead one?

I can’t believe they’ll sell many cars with that one.

You don’t have to know who specifically the old golfers are supposed to be (I did, though). The fact that they faded in ghost-like, and were wearing dated clothing, is enough to signal that they are golfers from another era. It’s the Field of Dreams idea. Anyway, the fact that a young person, Tiger Woods, is driving the Buick, brings across the point that this is not your grandpa’s Buick.

Harley Earl was the chief proponent at GM of “fixing” any design problem with bigger tailfins, more chrome, and more gewgaws. Even if people did know who he was, that ad still wouldn’t work.

he was a real person? WTF???

Harley Earl was a real person.

Bizarre, all right. The only thing I kept thinking was that in real life, the first thing those 1930s golfers would’ve said is: “Hey, what’s this colored boy doing out here, anyway? You, boy, hand me my six iron!”