New Buffy comic, by Whedon?

I probably missed the thread, though my searching hasn’t shown it up.

Joss Whedon is putting out a new, post-TV show Buffy comic through Dark Horse.

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Looks good–I still want to see the animated series, or comic based thereon, that takes place in a Season One that includes Dawn–but what does the “From Comics She Was Born” tagline mean?

Joss apparently took inspiration from some comic characters to model the Buffyverse. I think Wonder Woman forms a bit of Buffy, and Kitty Pryde a bit of Willow. Or, at least, I seem to recall him saying that…

Here’s a Whedon quote:

“There are three reasons why I’m doing this,” Whedon said. “One, I get to write the X-Men, a comic I grew up reading. It’s probably the biggest influence on my work there is. Two, I want to personalize things and figure who these characters are to me now. And three, (the character) Kitty Pryde. She was not a small influence on Buffy. I get to use her, and that sealed the deal.”

Sounds right. And I seem to recall a similar bit of fluff when it was announced he was doing the Wonder Woman movie.

So…sort of an alt-universe animated series? Or, not so much alt-universe, as it would be the universe as it now stands in the minds of everyone, yes? I don’t see that as being good. Dawn would be 11 or 12, and keeping in mind that Buffy’s mom didn’t know about vamps and stuff till the end of season 2, and finally accepted it in season 3, means it’s likely Dawn wouldn’t have known either, or at least Buffy would try to keep it from her as much as she did her mother.

I think a good (either animated or live action) series would be sort of a “Tales from the Watchers” type of deal. More serialized, and it gives the freedom to tell a story from any time at any place, really. You could still have some of the original cast in there, because some of the tales could be Buffy/Willow/Xander/Andrew/Dawn et all trying to find all the little Slayerettes scatterd throughout the world. Find them before they accidentally kill their boyfriend when they punch him in the face for trying to steal a kiss. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’ll be on the lookout for the comic nonetheless.

Whedon seems a bit obsessed with teenage girls fighting…

If it pays the bills, man…

Actually, I’m tired of this meme, there’s Buffy, River, and that’s it. That’s the main character of one series (and movie), and the supporting character of another. And they are very different characters. Buffy was an everygirl tasked to kill monsters. River was a genius damaged and driven insane by an evil government. One was physically superhuman, the other was a psychic. Very different characters. But they’re both teenage girls and thus the man must be a one-trick pony hack. :rolleyes:

As for the OP, I’d be more interested in more Fray. I’m pretty much done with Buffy.

River also fought, with near supernatural skill, in the movie. And as you mention, there was also the girl in Fray (was her name Fray?). That makes three he made, and he obviously seems pretty interested in Kitty Pryde, too.

I wouldn’t go so far to say “one trick pony hack”, but it’s clearly a recurring theme.

I should clarify that the animated series I described is something that’s actually in the works, updated as recently as last year. Just Google up the terms “Buffy” and “animated.” Eric Wight’s character sketches are particularly wild.

Like all Buffy fans, I have my ideas for what would make for a “great” follow-up series (Mine involves Riley, his wife Sam, and Xander–eyepatched and trying unsuccessfully to talk like a badass–operating out of a Pentagon office. Whedon scripts and NCIS production values). This isn’t one I would’ve come up with.

Maybe, but I’d say that “teenage” “fighter” and “girl” are all too common descriptors in the genres we’re talking about to make a theme. (And Fray’s premise is Slayer of the Future, of course she’s a combat adept young woman, that’s the point)

I mean, the guy also created Angel and Mal Reynolds, but I’ve never heard him accused of having an obsession with tortured morally ambiguous men.

I’ve always felt that Buffy and Willow are both made up of elements of Jean Grey and Kitty Pryde.

Jean -> Buffy:
Both have come back from the dead more than once.
Buffy fell for a brooding, tortured guy (Angel -> Cyclops) despite also being distracted by a morally ambiguous “bad boy” (Spike -> Wolverine).

Jean -> Willow:
Both are redheads.
Willow’s powers turned her into the evil and dangerous “Dark Willow” (a la Dark Phoenix), but instead of slaying a planet full of sentient broccoli people, she flayed Warren and tried to end the world.

*As a corollary, Jean Grey in the movie *X-Men 3 * turned into Dark Phoenix, but the script mirrored the “Dark Willow” storyline in *Buffy * season 6 closer than it did the original “Dark Phoenix Saga” from the X-Men comics. In the end, without spoiling the movie, what Wolverine did to Jean was taken straight from what Buffy did to Angel at the end of Buffy season 2.

Kitty -> Willow:
Both are Jewish girls with genius-level intellects, impressive computer skills, dubious fashion sense, and are both essentially noncombatants (due to the less-than-physical nature of their powers).

Probably because that’s a vastly more common character type than ass-kicking teenage girls.

I’m a 45-year-old man. Can I steel myself to walk into a comics store and publicly buy a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” comic?

The comic, the action figure and the T-shirt. We 40-somethings are the main demographic for comics shops. Hey, when’s the last time you actually saw a child in one of those places? If nothing else, a teenager would have trouble jumping on board an X-Men comic not knowing the last 40-odd years of continuity.

These days? Hardly.

Of course, that’s partially Whedon’s fault, but girls who kick butt and take name are growing more and more numerous with every year.

Because he’s so popular. I think this meme gets around because Buffy and Firefly achieved cult status with fans (and Winifred and Cordelia aren’t exactly slouches in Angel either) so people either automatically flash on Buffy or River when thinking of Joss Whedon and go, “oh, teenage girls kicking ass”.