New Buffy fan, what the heck is going on?

Possible spoilers (if you’ve been under a rock)
I have just started watching Buffy this year and now I am confused. Is the season over? The last episode I saw was the one where her mother died. Is this the last one for this season? Are they going to run some more, or are we permanently in repeats? I have seen the same three episodes again and again the past few weeks. What’s going on?

I saw a preview for a new episode a week or two ago. I can’t remember if it’s going to air this week or next week, but it comes right after the one with Buffy’s mom.

IIRC, the final episodes for the season usually run sometime in May.

I have the strangest feeling of deja vu. As if I’ve read the OP four times.

Anyway, the next new episodes of Buffy and of Angel are both next Tuesday, April 17.

There’s a new Buffy next weeks.
Her mom’s dead, so there’s a whole “what’s going to happen to Dawn?” question hanging over head.
What else do you need to know? Cause I only watch one hour of TV a week, Buffy, thats sad isn’t it?

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We’re at least a season behind the US here. Who/what killed Buffy’s mother? Who’s Dawn?

Don’t worry, I don’t care about spoilers.

There is supposed to be a lot of debate coming up, with Buffy’s dad coming to the funeral and then a conflict between the two of them over what to do with Dawn. I guess he wants to take her back with him. The WB site ( has links that give thorough spoilers if you want them.

Well, spoilers for those who missed the last episode/half season.

Complications with a brain tumor are what (supposedly) killed Buffy’s mom. It might also turn out to have been pissed off goddess Glory, who is gunning after Buffy, though it doesn’t seem like this is the case.

Dawn is Buffy’s little sister. But Buffy doesn’t have a sister, you say? Exactly. Dawn is “the key,” a being that can open a portal to another dimension (incidentally one that Glory wants to get back to). “She” is typically a Star Trekkish energy being, but she was given shape by a bunch of monks and was sent to be Buffy’s sister so Buffy could protect her (the process implanted memories of “Buffy’s little sister” in the minds of everybody so nobody notices anything). Buffy found this out early, Buffy’s mom realized it when she was suffering from the tumor, and Dawn figured it out more recently.

There are more details, but that’s the gist of it. Did I mention that Spike’s now in love with Buffy? :slight_smile:

Spike? With Buffy? Someone been free an’ loose with the potions, or what?

Thanks for the info. Can’t wait for the local network to screen the series (they screen it here at around 11 at night – how about you guys?)

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As has been said, Buffy is in re-runs until next week. Angel is doing the same thing. Someone said they were doing this so they could show the final episodes of the season during sweeps week. I am getting very tired of waiting. Gilmore Girls is also in re-runs, which pisses me off, but at least Sopranos is new.

I have scads of Buffy spoiler boards bookmarked if you want them