New Buffy fan, what the heck is going on?

Possible spoilers (if you’ve been under a rock)
I have just started watching Buffy this year and now I am confused. Is the season over? The last episode I saw was the one where her mother died. Is this the last one for this season? Are they going to run some more, or are we permanently in repeats? I have seen the same three episodes again and again the past few weeks. What’s going on?

It’s been a ridiculously long and frustrating hiatus, but new Buffys are coming back. The April 17th episode will be a new one, with mom’s funeral.

BTW, welcome to the television-watching elite - those of us who recognize Buffy for the gem that it is.


Can you believe tomorrow’s episode is going to be ANOTHER re-run? It’s been six weeks! I suspect Sarah Michelle Gellar is taking time to finish up the Scooby Doo movie (she’s playing Daphne).

Here are some photos from the film if you’re interested…

As has been said, Buffy is in re-runs until next week. Angel is doing the same thing. Someone said they were doing this so they could show the final episodes of the season during sweeps week. I am getting very tired of waiting. Gilmore Girls is also in re-runs, which pisses me off, but at least Sopranos is new.

I have scads of Buffy spoiler boards bookmarked if you want them.

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