SMG to quit Buffy after this Season- from

There is also more discussion, and information on the cross-overs coming this (last) season.

Its over. :frowning:

I didn’t think this was new news. I thought the decision to make this the last season was already out before the season started.

On the other hand, I did hear that the actress who plays Faith will be cast as the lead if the Slayer show is picked in a new format.

Nope- the “will she /won’t she” renew question was still up in the air. The second question just was whether UPN would renew the series. Not an issue now I guess.

If you click the link- the story sticks a fork in the Faith theory, as she is signed to do an unrelated series on Fox next season.

If the full Buffy isn’t pulling enough ratings, it seems unlikely that another spin-off would.

Looks like Angel is our only dose of Joss now.

Except Eliza Dushku’s already signed on to do a pilot for Fox, and it’s got nothing to do with Mutant Enemy.

Even though both SMG and ED will be leaving, ME/UPN has not announced that there will not be a spin-off. I don’t know how likely it is, but I do know that there is still a chance that the buffyverse will continue other than AtS (though it may be slim.)

Read about it here.

Angel is still in the “buffyverse” right?

It would seem somewhat unlikely any spinoffs will be made. Still if the WB was interested it may be good to pair on up with Angel. With Buffy, Giles, Anya and Faith gone though there is not much left other then Willow, Spike and Xander. Hey, they could do a Three’s Company remake! But who would fill the Mr. Furly role. . .


That’s why I said “other than AtS”

AH doesn’t want to come back. The only people who really want to come back are James and Nick. So I say, give them a spinoff!

Oops-- AtS = Angel the Show then? My bad, I didn’t catch that.

Also, don’t forget Clem.

I didn’t know about AH. But it would seem she has a better shot at movies then SMG, unless doing crappy Scoobie Doo movies with your has-been husband is considered a “movie career”. :rolleyes:

You heard any word on Angel renewal for next year?

Like any good spinoff, we’d have to alter the characters slighty, but how about this:

One’s a go-getting young architect trying to move up in the world, one’s a soulless killer with a (literal!) taste for blood! When they have to share an apartment together in New York City, the result is madcap hijinks!

Spike and Mike, premiering this Fall!

(the test groups found the name “Xander” too weird.)

LOL Legomancer, but I was thinking more inline with what NB said in a convention about Xander and Spike investigating mysteries and solving crimes. (Think Him except better and Spike has lines)

And yeah, AtS equals Angel the Series.

Maybe it could be a “Cold Case Squad” kind of thing, where they investigate a lot of old crimes.

Xander: “Here’s one, this guy was murdered in front of the Biograph Theatre on the 25th anniversary of Dillinger’s death.”

Spike: “Yeah, that was me, mate.”

Xander: “Oh. Well, this family was slaughtered in their beds on Christmas morning in 1956.”

Spike: “Let me see that… yeah, me again.”

Xander: “Gee, we’re getting good at this, that’s two crimes solved in less than three minutes!”

How definite is the continuation of Angel? I thought I heard somewhere that the current season is the last one for both Angel and Buffy.

Angel is still up in the air. We think it’ll be back, but there’s no confirmation either way. I think they’ll bring it back for a fifth year, or at least half a season, cuz they got hit that 100 episodes mark so they can sell the syndication rights.

That’s comedy gold.

Well, the Dushku pilot idea sounds kind of interesting (presumably it won’t suck as hard as “Early Edition”) and seeing as how it’s scheduled to appear on FOX it will undoubtedly vanish without trace, freeing our girl to come back home to Sunnydale.

Dude, there has been a thread on this for awhile.