More on the Angel/Buffy Crossovers- future of both series

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NOOOO!!! I will NOT accept this!!! :mad:


Why must it end???

Oh no! Will Angel doom the budding Buffy/Wood romance?!
I’m not worried, it’s obvious to me that Buffy was destined to be with the principal. Bring on Angel and his stupid hair!

Would she just casually toss her feelings for Clem aside? I THINK NOT.

I think it is time to take a bit of a break. Regroup, come up with a different angle, and then come back. I don’t know what they could do that wouldn’t be a total re-tread of where we’ve already been.

One thing that might be cool would be a series called “The Watchers’ Histories”. Visit with various Slayers in history. See medieval slayers, slayers in the wild west, slayers in the future, slayers in Victorian eras, in feudal Japan, in Ancient Egypt, and so forth. I think that would be kind of cool. Some could be one-shots, some could be longer arcs, some could be recurring characters.

Its all a set up for Clem the Vampire Slayer.

Stupid move to UPN. . .


Well we’ve all seen this coming. I’m just in denial. I won’t have any new TV to look forward to any more.

And I’m waiting for the DVD seasons to come down in price.

I’m willing to wait a long, long time.

I’d rather BTVS end on a good note, rather than linger and die like a woodchuck under the front porch. Please please PLEASE have a good ending Joss. I beg of you!

I did a little research. I’m no stats guru, but these appear to be the correct ratings for the opening episodes of season 2-7.

S.2 2.9
S.3 4.7
S.4 4.4
S.5 3.9
S.6 4.3 (Move to UPN)
S.7 3.1
The last episode hit, what, a 2.3? They’ve been bleeding viewers for a while now, and seven year old genre shows don’t pick up a whole lot of new ones. Anything you try to do to grab a new audience tends to alienate the long-term fans.

The animated series didn’t fly, I’ve heard nothing about a “Ripper” spinoff recently (and when they were discussing that it was going to be a BBC production, hardly the leverage you need to keep a money losing show on an American network), and Angel hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire. Firefly, well, didn’t fly.

Cast members are leaving or sounding like they’re going to leave, and the spinoff possibilities don’t look all that hot either. Between the ratings, the various less than politic statements from M.E.'s crew blaming the networks for the ratings, and the fact that whatever they do with Spike is about 90% likely to drive off a large chunk of the remaining audience in a bile spitting frenzy, anything they do manage to put together is going to be on a vastly scaled down budget.

I do feel for anybody who still loves the show. I know what you’re going through, I just went through it about a year ago. I hope you get something that will assuage your bitterness. I just don’t expect it.

Amazingly, my bitterness is increasing at an exponential rate on a daily basis.