So who will Buffy chose: Spike or Angel???

With the clock ticking on the final episodes of Angel: The Series, Joss Whedon mentioned that he’s asked Sarah Michelle Gellar to consider reprising her role as Buffy (Slayer of the Vampyre) for the finale. (She turned down his request for a guest shot, but that was before the WB staked the show)

This leads to a sticky situation. Not only are Angel (Vampyre with a Soul) and Spike (Vampyre with a Soul) duking it out for redemption via a vague prophecy…but they both shagged the same girl!

So, if and when the Slayer visits L.A., she’ll be faced with a decision. Who does she give her love to: The Brooder or the Peroxide One? Or neither? (NAH!)

It’s a difficult choice: Does she chose the Vampire who had a soul forced on him through a Gypsie curse? Or does she go for the one who endured trials & fought to gain a soul out of love?

Does she chose the one who, caught up in his love for her, ran out of town with his tail between his leg, to only occassionally keep in touch with her? Or does the Vampire who gave his most precious possession–his life–in order to help her defeat her worst enemy & regain a normal life, get her love???

OK. So I’m biased. There’s gotta be enough Buffy/Angel-shippers here to take up the slack.

And, by the way, I’m hoping that Miss Gellar will turn down a chance to finish off Angel: The Series. I think that this question should be an unanswered one. If and when there’s a theatrical movie, this would be a great incentive to get the fans to pack the theaters. And it will have to be a theatrical movie–I don’t see SMG doing a TV movie at this stage of her career. On the WB no less…

So when we finally do see Buffy give her love to the Vampire with a Soul, what color hair will he have?

well, if it were up to my lez-buddy, Buffy would choose a certain brunette slayer who’s busy on Fox right now helping dead people L

I want the AtS to conclude with Angel & Co facing down the Scoobies over something, but I’d rather not have Buffy herself involved.

Neither. She hasn’t seen them for a year. I think she and Xander finally got together :slight_smile:

Well, first off: Screw SMG! (No, not literally. I wouldn’t touch that skinny bitch on a bet.) Speaking as a Spuffy-ite of long standing, she will choose Angel, of course. Spike was a fling, nothing more. She knows that, he knows that.

That said, the correct choice for Buffy would be: c. None of the Above. A Buffy/Willow/Kennedy threesome pops to mind. All the while, a little evil, sick voice in the back of my head keeps saying “She isn’t really your sister.”

But Spuffy is gone forever. Time to let it go.


She already made her choice. She chose Spike to be her champion when she gave him the amulet that Angel brought to Sunnydale. If she had wanted to chose Angel (as I think the Senior Partners thought would happen) then he would have been the one who saved the world. She recognized Angel was a youthful crush but Spike was a more mature, grown-up relationship.

Although in the end, I think she’ll reject them both and try to find a normal human with a normal life. I think the calling of all the Slayers frees her to try to live normally and she’ll turn her back on the whole Slayer biz. However, like Frodo returning to the Shire, she’ll find she can’t go back to normal.

In a just world…

  1. Angel fulfills the Shanshu and yet, does not become human. He does, however, break the curse of Angelus, and can now love again.

  2. Angel and Buffy get back together. Angel returns to Europe where he will join in the effort to reform the Watchers Council and train the Potentials with Faith.

  3. Spike remains in Los Angeles and takes on the responsibilities of protector of the city. Wes becomes his ipso-facto partner in the deal. Through a small twist, Lindsey becomes repentant of the evil things he’s done, and receives a curse of his own – he really DOES get the Doyle visions, and now is a part of the team.

  4. Gunn goes evil thanks to the brain implants he received from Wolfram & Hart, but keeps it in check. He becomes the new head of W&H.

  5. Fred dies and is never mentioned again.

  6. Lorne takes over the WB and promises never to subject us to another episode of “One Tree Hill” or “Seventh Heaven” again. He is the true hero of this piece.

As much as Buffy is the heart of this little universe, I think Joss would never let her play such a crucial role in the end of AtS. The show is called “Angel”, after all–anything that happens, good or bad, is going to have to be because of something he does, not some deus ex machina of Buffy swinging in to pass judgment.

<marches behind toadspittlewith a “What He Said!” sign>

I happen to be one of those who think that Buffy drags down any AtS episode she’s in to an unwatchable soap opera level, so I hope she doesn’t show up. She definitely should be mentioned, as should Giles and Xander (the rest of them who cares, esp. Willow with her inexplicable love for Kennedy), so we have some closure, but she doesn’t need to be there.

I really don’t want to see Buffy “end up” with either of them unless someone actually becomes human. Even then, it could be unbearably trite.

Champion does not mean soulmate. She needed Angel to cover her back in LA. Spike realizes that she was just a boink…why can’t everyone else? And I liked Spuffy!

Are you joking? Her relationship with Spike was mature and grown-up? Were we watching the same episodes?

I go along with the people who vote “neither.” I don’t care whether SMG appears on another ep or not but if she does I desperately hope there will be NO “who will she choose” drama. She will always love Angel, she will always “feel” for Spike, but neither of them is suitable for her and she knows it.

Besides, she’s cookie dough.

She won’t choose anyone, because SMG won’t be coming back, instead preferring to work on the upcoming Scooby Doo 3 film :wink:

Something tells me we won’t be seeing Buffy again. If she did return though she should end up with Angel. She never loved Spike, even Spike admited that, if I recall correctly.

I don’t care if Buffy comes back, to tell the truth. I don’t think she should end up with Angel or Spike. Screw her.

I would like to see either Giles or Xander again, though. And I really dig the idea of Lorne running the WB. :slight_smile:

  1. I don’t think SMG will be back, reason being I think she and ME didn’t part on the best of terms. I think wanted her back for the sweeps, in order to boost ratings and maybe help the show survive, but with the WB pulling the plug, there really is no reason for them to bring her in.
  2. I think SMG has a seriously overinflated impression of her own abilities on the big screen. I understand that she doesn’t want to be Byffy for ever. I don’t think it would have been a good choice to continue the show either. But I don’t see her movie career taking off in any way and time will turn her into another Shannen Doherty, Tiffany Amber Whatsherface, or - at best - Christina Applegate. If SciFi channel drops a deal in Joss’ lap for three for tv movies about Buffy, she might go for it.
  3. Considering that Joss is putting all his efforts into a Firefly movie, I think we can pressume that his interest in taking Buffy to another level is really small.


  1. Baring all this - if Buffy shows up in the final epsidoe, it’ll be newly wed to Riley Finn. There is no way Joss would pander to any shipper and the irony of it all is too hard to pass up.

Having seen the photos from the Buffy cast party with no SMG, I doubt most of the Angel people would welcome her with open arms.

I think a more interesting question is, if the show is wrapping up, what happens with Connor?

I’m fine with Wes and Fred.

Harmony bites.

Let’s say Angel and Spike find a hellmouth beneath W&H and both have to throw themselves into the pit to destroy W&H. . .with Gunn going up in flames.

By the way: Alyson Hannigan did a nice bit on 70s show. Hope she reprises it and shoots Ashton Kutcher.

You left out the part where Spike and Wes become Katriona’s love slaves…

I can’t think of anything more horrifying, to tell you the truth. I’ve been through every single worse-case scenerio over and over, and having Buffy return, even for a 30 second cameo, is the worst possible thing imaginable.

I don’t want her to choose Angel because, quite frankly, they’ve both moved on. Angel has had a few flings, but he was in love with Cordy. It didn’t work out, obviously, but their relationship had more going for it than he ever had with Buffy. Cordelia knew him better than Buffy ever did, and what they had was adult and mature…IOW, Angel may always love Buffy on one level (especially since she was, in effect, his Savior) but he’s moved on.

And also, he deserves better.

Plus, it wouldn’t ring true if she chose him, because it’s canon, she. loves. Spike. The final words she spoke on television is “I love you.” and “Spike.” Did he believe her? Fuck, I don’t know. But I did, and that’s good enough for me. And yeah, in S7 they did have a mature, adult relationship. Joss Whedon said it, I believe it, that settles it. Heh. After Sleeper everything about their relationship changed and after Touched well…sniff Happiest night of Spike’s life…

Ok, so, if she ends up with Angel it won’t be belieavable, it won’t make sense, and it will completely crush Spike.

Crushing Spike is not acceptable.

So what happens if she chooses Spike? Well, I’d be happy…except…despite my reasons above, it would crush Angel. :frowning: Also, and let’s face it, despite their feelings for each other, Buffy and Spike will never, ever be happy together. Neither will allow themselves that luxury.

And crushing Angel is not acceptable.

Best case scenerio, she shows up, tapdances on both of their hearts, gives another cookie dough speech, makes promises she won’t keep, act like a selfish little brat and be completely inaccessible emotionally and then leave again.

Crushing both of my boys.

It kind of makes me sick just to think about it.

No good can come from her showing up. And my best-case scenerio is the likeliest scenerio. Anybody who thinks Whedon is going to make a definitive decision regarding Buffy is fooling themselves. Long after AtS goes off the air, he’s going to want to sell DVDs, merchandise, maybe keep his fanbase for a movie or two, etc. Pissing off the shippers is not a good way to accomplish that. He knows for a fact if he throws us our crumbs (see: Chosen) we’ll not only stick around, we’ll be content and come back for more. He’s not going to fuck that up, because at the end of the day, he’s a businessman. And good business means not prompting half of the viewing audience to destory what merchandise they do have and vow to never, ever, ever watch the show, buy the DVDs, or support Joss again.

You think it won’t go that far? One day I’ll tell you about the shipper campaigns that both horrify and disgust me.

So in the end, she won’t choose either, they’ll both be crushed, I’ll be crushed and angry and bitter…moreso…

Fortunately SMG doesn’t want to be BUffy anymore, she’s trying to distance herself from the role, and also, there is some pretty major animosity between her and Whedon (and I don’t think DB or david Fury like her much either…) I’d say there is a better chance of Wesley finally announcing his undying love to Angel then there is of Buffy announcing her undying love to anybody.

I’m not usually much of one for spoilers, but…

If you look up Vincent Kartheiser (the actor who played Connor) on IMdB, it’ll show that he’s making an appearance this season. In what role, I don’t know.

Yes. What pepperlandgirl said.

No, it didn’t start out that way. But I think their relationship in S7 developed into an adult relationship. That being said, I don’t think she’ll be back and if she does she is going to turn her back on both of them and try to find a normal human outside the Slayer, Demon-hunter business.

Spiles is not horrific. Spandrew might be. Angrew works.