New Canadian $10 bill

Does anyone know FOR SURE one way or the other if the new Canadian bills are getting taken out of circulation and reprinted or not?

This stems from a possible “error” in the printing of the poem “In Flanders Fields” on the reverse of the bill.

The bill has:

“In Fladers Fields where poppies blow

and some say the poem actually says:

“In Flanders Fields where poppies grow

Notice I said * “some say”* because I am not sure which way its supposed to be…

So, is the poem correct or not? And if not (which is the way it appears) are they going to be getting taken out of cirulation?


The poem starts
“In Flanders fields, the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row”

And it ends
“We shall not sleep, through poppies grow
In Flanders Field.”

The version on the bill is CORRECT. It’s just that most of us misremembered the poem and substituted “grow” for “blow”.

I don’t have a cite at hand, but this was covered by pretty well all the major dailies sometime in the past few weeks. Do a search on,, or if you’re wanting to follow up.


Here’s what the Bank of Canada has to say. The poem is correct - it was copied directly from the original manuscript.

Thanks very much. Those answer it!