New Canadian $20 note revealed!

…and, my, the Queen looks… um… “experienced”. No, “well-traveled”. Um… “wise”? Okay, okay. “Old”!!

Kind of scary, actually, since I have no idea who will succeed her, and whether that will happen in the same way in Canada as in the UK.

link to the Bank of Canada.

The note goes into circulation in late September. Since it’s the workhorse of the system, standard-issue in all the money machines, etc, we’ll see it appear quickly.

Lets hope it’s not easy to copy. I got an excellent fake from a bank machine once.

In many stores they even check 5 dollar bills if is not counterfeited.What next?
Back to the OP,Just get ride of those parasitic freeloaders(aristocracy)and put faces of real heros- hockey players :rolleyes:

It has all the blinky jingly stuff that the new 100 has: “holographic” strip, watermark, woven stripe, “see-through” number that joins up when you look through the note, intaglio printing, woven strip. It’s out of the range of casual copiers.

And the back has cool art!

I think it was David Byrne, on the inner sleeve of the Talking Heads live album ‘Stop Making Sense’ who said, “The United States of America Has The Ugliest Currency.”

Well it took just under 20 years to overturn that observation.

The sculpture on the back, “The Spirit of Haida Gwaii”, is sitting in a pool in the courtyard area of the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. That thing is HUGE. The boat (were it not stone) would hold 10-14 men easily.

And, of course HRH looks old. She is old.

JohnBckWLD, I happen to think it’s nice money. At least we can tell what the denominations are at a glance.

SUNSPACE: when they going to put RFID chips inside the notes?

RFID chips in banknotes? Not doable at the present time. They’d have at least as thin as the enclosing paper, and either flexible or very small. I’d expect another ten years before such a technology is wide-scale commerialized.

Far more practical to put RFID chips in credit cards, phone cards, and those little Dexit instant-debit tags that everyone in Toronto seems to be promoting these days.

Yes, Ginger, I know the Queen’s old, but it just sort of caught up with me when I say the new banknote. :slight_smile: BTW, I think we did quite well on the parasitic-aristocracy front, nonpolar. We got another country to pay for and house ours! :smiley:

Hmmm…I’m not sure if that is better or worse than the new American 20s.

Do you mean that Canada might decide to vote itself a republic, with a President instead of a monarch? You couldn’t do that…you have to preserve the things that make you different from us! :smiley:

Or could Canada conceivably remain a monarchy, but have a different monarch than in the UK?

No idea. This is an issue that isn’t even on the radar here. My favourite idea would be to quietly drop the monarchy at some point if we really want to, but keep the Governor General as Head of State (with all its ceremonial duties and such), and have the members of the Order of Canada elect her. Similarly, have members of corresponding provincial orders elect the provincial Lieutenant-Governors.

When will they stop Effing with our money? Could they not have just put those sercurity features on the old bill?

Out of the three bills they’ve redesigned, they got one right. I like the new five, but the 10, and now the 20 look ugly. I’ll have to head to the ATM and get ahold of an old one so that I can collect it (I don’t believe in spending extra money to get a “mint” condition piece, a circulated piece looks just as good).