New Cars: Does the Factory, or the Dealer, Supply Gas, Oil, etc.?

On brand-spanking-new cars (as in, fresh from the factory), are they supplied with gas, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, windshield-wiper fluid, etc. at the factory, or is the dealer responsible for that?

All the fluids are in the car, or they wouldn’t be able to drive it off the production line, or onto the transport truck. So, a small amount of gasoline would be required, but I’m pretty sure the dealer is responsible to fill the tank.

Yes, when you buy a new vehicle all of the fluids will be topped off. As always, it’s a good idea to check this before you drive off of the lot; but if you do not, the chances that you’ll break down shortly after signing the papers are very low.

The same, however, is NOT true for used vehicles. I remember a friend buying a car in the military , driving it off of the lot and the low oil idiot light coming before he got back to the base. Fortunately, he pulled over and found that he was 3 1/2 quarts low on motor oil. Had he ignored the light he could have locked up the motor.

I personally would never assume that a **used **vehicle was adequately serviced.

The cars coming off the line get a shot of gas. At one time it was about 4 gallons, but that was in the 70’s. The radiator fluid and oil are necessary to drive it off the line. Each car coming off the line, ( back in the 70’s ) did a roll test, where the car was accelerated on a pair of rollers, then the rollers drop down, essentially doing a consistent hole shot, this tested the trans - sometimes there were immediate failures and the tranny would blow up. Better there than at a dealership or at a customer’s home. Then it was driven off to the marshalling area - a huge parking lot.