New Cat [picture to come later]

I haz a new cat - someone dumped one off last month, and it has been caged in the barn pending taming and vet neutering. We thought it was female [when a handful of teeth and claws is trying to decorate you it can be hard to sex a cat] but we got it to the vet yesterday and in the wellness check/shots/neutering procedure it turns out it is male.

No picture yet, but his name is now Five. Upon releasing him from the carrier he immediately scurried into the bedroom and crawled into a box. We are working on coaxing him out with feliway and noms.

Showing the box and not the cat is pretty sneaky. We demand proof of Cat.


Was he named Six before the neutering? :smiley:

Nope, it would have been seven :stuck_out_tongue: but we just called him Cat. We originally had 3 kittens dropped but the other 2 stayed too feral to be indoor cats, so they are outdoor neutered and all the shots cats. I expect they will end up hit by cars or eaten by the golden eagles or the owls in my woods.

This will work out fine, my current cat Jezabel is 15 but still very active so the addition of a new cat won’t be too traumatic, we lost Banzai a few years back so she is used to there being another cat living inside.

Yay for new kitties! One of my roommate’s cats adopted me after I moved, a couple months back. She’s very prickly, what with the teeth and the claws, but she just doesn’t like to be touched on the tummy. Or touched on the side. Or petted for too long. Or picked up. It just took a while for her to communicate everything that displeased her!