The cat attached itself to me

Since I bought the condo last summer, I’ve been considering adding a cat - I was put off in my last apartment by the high pet deposit ($500/animal plus pet rent).

Yesterday, I went and met a cat who’s fostered through one of the local animal organizations. She was sweet, but we didn’t click. I thought about it overnight, but she didn’t feel like mine.

This morning, I went to the county animal shelter to see what they had for cats. This lovely fellow started talking to me as soon as I walked in and just begged to be petted. We went into the little room to get to know each other and he attached himself to me. Not with claws, just right there with me. He’s 3 years old and super sweet. He’ll be coming home Wednesday after work, and I’m looking forward to him experiencing the giant window in my living room that gets sunshine all afternoon.

Also, I wish he was here now.

He’s a handsome one. Does he have a sensible everyday name yet?

He’s beautiful. May you have many long years of attachment with him. What is/will be his name?

Why do they make you wait so long for him?

The animal shelter has him named Clever. I don’t know that I like that, so there may be a new one once I know his personality a little better.
He’s got to be fixed/microchipped before I can bring him home. They said he could maybe have been ready to come home Tuesday, but with the holiday, Wednesday is most likely.

And that gives me time to buy all the things I need, make sure my electronic cables are under control and so forth.

Aww, what a handsome boy!

My mom has one of her cats because he literally attached himself to her. We were in the cat adoption area at PetSmart and this big gray cat stuck his paw out and hooked her sleeve with his claw. She gently unhooked him and told the lady working there that she wanted to take him home.

Looks like a sweet cat. Some have a feral look, but this one looks like a lover.

Looks like a fine companion. I hope there’s a nice cushy spot for him to soak up that sunlight.

He’s absolutely lovely! Keep us updated on his homecoming and name.

Major kudos for adopting an older cat. So many wonderful pets are ignored in favor of the little kittens.

He’s very handsome. More pics when he comes home please. :smiley:

As a single and younger cat, he’s the perfect candidate for toilet training (after he’s healed from the yank-and-snip). There are a few on the market but I had great luck w/ City Kitty.
Congrats on your new overlord!

Congratulations! I dopted a kitteh the day after Christmas. A black female, supposedly 12, but at our kitteh check up last week the vet said she’s closer to 6 or 7. She has 2 perches, one upstairs and one downstairs, both in front of south facing windows. Enjoy your new friend.

He is wonderful! A sandy tuxedo cat!

I could be wrong, but tuxedo cats are black with white markings, usually a vest or a mustache. They’re called ‘tuxedo’ because the coloring resembles men’s formal wear, obviously. You may be thinking of a ‘bi-color’ cat, of which there are many variations, including the tuxedo.

I know what a tuxedo cat looks like. I also know that actual men’s formal wear tuxedos come in many colors. The cat in the photo is sandy color and white. His white areas appear to me to be where a tuxedo cat is white (bib, boots, mustache.) In my post I was going to say. “Oh he is wearing his warm weather tuxedo” but I omitted it thinking that the smart people on the dope would get my reference.

He looks sophisticated and erudite. I would name him something like Cornelius, Reginald, or Leopold.

He’s beautiful, and has the sweetest face! I’m happy for you that you found him, happy for him that he found you.

Handsome cat! He does look like a lover. With a name like Clever, I expect he may be Captain Curious too. Enjoy him.

He’s very handsome! Congratulations on your new family member.

My last, and sadly departed cat, did that to me. I went in to the Humane Society leaning towards an older cat. I wanted to stay away from long hairs and had a preference for black or darker.

I figured I’d at least walk through the kitten room. Someone glommed on to me. Despite my efforts to ignore him and keep checking out other cats (including a trip back to the adult cat room) he got his way. I ended up with a new housemate that looked like this although that’s not him. He might have been a little bit fluffier and longer haired though. :smack:

He never really lost that level of connection either. He decent chunks of time living with my parents and got along well with them. Still when I came back from overseas after a year away, he followed me around for days while almost ignoring their existence.

I hope things work out as well for you.