A Plague of Cats!

I seem to have acquired two cats in as many days.

The first I heard outside my apartment door Wednesday night, yowling piteously; I opened to door just to see, and in strolls a cat. She wandered around as though looking for something, or someone, before coming up to me, yowling questioningly, insistently.

Fortunately, I know the Way of Cats: ear rubs, scratching the jaw line, etc., and I had an instant friend.

No collar of any kind, not dirty, or showing any signs of living rough. I ran up to the local grocery store for some basic supplies, and the cat ate all the food I put out for her, but not wolfing it down like it was the first meal she’d had in days.

I nabbed a picture, and Thursday night I printed up some flyers and went to each building in my apartment complex, posting the flyers on the bulletin boards by each building’s bank of mailboxes.

While going from building-to-building, I again hear piteous mewling coming from a shrubbery. With some gentle coaxing, out comes another cat. This one is also without collar of any kind. Some ear rubs and whatnot, and it follows me home, but balks at coming inside.

I put some food out for it in a bowl, and come this morning, she also comes in.

The two cats are a bit wary of each other, with some hissing and striking, but they seem to have come to a mutual policy of utterly ignoring each other.

Cat #1

Cat #1

Cat #1

Cat #1

Cat #1

Cat #2

Cat #2

Cat #2
Not even sure if I’m going to keep them, but I’m not kicking them back out the door; I they go, I’ll know they’re landing safe and sound in a good home.

In the meantime…any suggestions for names?

I tentatively like Skittles for the Cat #1; she was a little skittish at first.

Skittles is no good for #1. I already have a cat by that name–she’s superfluffy gray mini cat with the heart of a tiger.

#2 looks like a Larry. Maybe Drex.

Well, since you found them at the same time, cat law stipulates they must have buddy names like: Abbott and Costello, or Laverne and Shirley.

Abercrombie & Fitch.

You do know Cat #1 ratted you out to Cat #2, right? As a dog owner, even I know that! :wink: Expect Cat #3 momentarily.

They look fairly well groomed and fed, so quite possibly belong to someone near.

I’m hoping so; if nothing else, I can give them a piece of my mind about letting their pets roam free w/o any identification. OTOH…could be I need to take them to a vet to see if they’re maybe chipped.

A plague of cats?

While visiting family in Brazil, I had the unfortunate opportunity of attending a funeral in Rio de Janeiro. The service was in an odd little place in a very urban setting, across the street from an enormous cemetery. After the service they simply carried the casket across the busy street into the cemetery.

The weird part was the cats.

It was largest cemetery I have ever seen, and I think there must have been a thousand house cats there, of all colors. They were sitting on top of the tombstones, curled up in corners, napping here and there. Everywhere I looked I saw house cats, for hundreds of yards.

I have never seen so many cats in one place. Quite surreal.

I think you’ve got neighbours with a very casual attitude towards responsible pet ownership.

I would name the first tabby Louise, and the second more white cat Scooter.

‘All of our food comes in boxes.’

"After we finish absorbing the secrets of the humans’ knowledge and power through these stones over their dead, we will gather and plan our great conquest. Then we will rule this planet.

Until then, we wait, and watch…"

What beautiful kitties! Thank you for helping them and for remembering that animal pics are mandatory. :smiley: It’s strange that no one has responded to your flyers as they don’t look like strays. Maybe petsitting gone bad?

Both cats were a bit needy/insecure during the first day, and both still have their moments, but overall, they’re settling in, and even getting along somewhat. Not friendly towards one another, not as such, but no longer wary of one another, even acknowledging each other’s existence.

Cat #2 is still more needy, insistent on being close at almost all times; Cat #1 has become more introverted and distant; I go out of my way to initiate contact, ear rubs and belly rubs, to let her know she still matters.

None of my flayers have panned out. I might widen my search to the surrounding neighborhood.

Cat #1 may be a short-haired Maine Coon

I was going to suggest this. If you have no luck finding a chip and can afford it, you might spring for a round of shots for both, just to be on the safe side.

In the meantime, congratulations on your new feline overlords!


Observations over the past week:

Cat #2 is pushy/assertive/needy; if I give Cat #1 any attention, #2 shoves her way in, and #1 wanders off.

#2 tends to snuggle up close, and if I’m not petting her enough, she’ll let me know, and she’s unaware that her claws hurt; she “kneads” with her forepaws almost incessantly. I’m sure she doesn’t mean anything by it, and I’ve actually made some progress in getting her to be more careful.

However, if #2 is asleep somewhere, #1 will cozy up as well, and is much more gentle and affectionate. She takes about five to ten minutes of ear rubs and such before she just curls up next to me and chills out. I can honestly say that #1 is my favorite of the two.

I treat them both to a small can of “wet” food once a day, and keep the “dry” bowl full 'round-the-clock, but the amount of poop the two of them generate is staggering. Ugh!

Cat #2 is in heat, and yowls frequently. Thank god for ear plugs.

I went on PawBoost and did a search for lost cats, and may have a “hit” for Cat #1. I texted and called/left a message for her maybe-owner earlier today, but haven’t heard back yet.

When I was in Paris (Holy crap - 35 years ago!!) I visitied Cimetière du Père Lachaise and was surprised by all the cats. It was apparent that someone, or a group of someones, fed the cats, as there were bowls of kibble in a number of places. I found it rather soothing.

There are strays in my apartment complex that regularly dumpster dive and have meowed at me but I ignored them. Then, a grey cat. magnificent looking, yowled at me through my open window through the screen. I awoke to find it looking like it was begging me. I went outside and it ran away.

Try Nextdoor.com. I’ve managed to find a couple of lost pets’ owners on there. Also see if there’s a lost pets Facebook page for your area. If you were able to touch them and bring them in, they’re not ferals. They had homes at some point. Unfortunately, a lot of shitty people will abandon cats when they move. These are probably your cats now.

You should look into getting them fixed/spayed soon, too. Especially if one is in heat. There are usually a number of low cost spay places in every city. Otherwise you will eventually find yourself with a whole passel of kittens.

Thanks for stepping up and taking care of them!

Thank you for the updates. It sounds like they are settling in well. What type of litter are you using? Some adjustments of brand may help you with smell. Same deal with food.

Congratulations on the start of your new career as a Crazy Cat Lady … just a bit of advice, when you go to get them de-wormed, you may want to de-worm yourself at the same time … just as a precaution … you should be able to find kittens in the handy three-pack so there’s good economy there …