New CD player in my car

The factory player has been recalcitrant about playing CDs, and after the GM joint replaced my cylinder lock for the third time, the LED display mysteriously stopped working. :rolleyes:
So I spent far to much money, most of it to pay for install for a CD player with a USB port and miniature phone jack to plug in MP3 players.
Well and good save for the cost.
Except it has a remote control.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Mrs. Plant suggests that one may be in an, er, romantic situation in the back seat and wish to change channels on the radio.
I can’t see any other use for it.

I find the remote works best for scanning radio stations, especially when you are traveling away from home where your presets don’t work. Super easy to just either keep the station or skip to the next without taking your eyes off the road. Other than that it’s not too useful, but it works very well for scanning radio stations.

A bit of a hijack: If you have a USB port may I suggest you treat yourself to one of these. It is a MicroSDHC reader the size of a nickle and only 1/4 of an inch of it sticks out. the SDHC memory chip fits into the USB end of it. I have one for my car stereo and just leave it plugged in. It looks like part of the stereo. With an 8 gb chip you can store over 6 days of continuous music.

These things are also great for laptops because you can’t snap them in two like a you can with a memory stick (lost a year’s worth of work notes doing this).

The remote is for people in the back seat.

The remote can be fastened to the steering wheel and with a quick glance down, like looking at your speedometer, you can change songs and adjust volume rather than fiddling with buttons on the radio. I know it’s not much better, but it’s a little better.

Kinda the same reaction I had putting the satellite radio cradle in my car. I soon discovered that it’s easier to tune with the remote that trying to push the small bouncing buttons on the radio itself.

The remote is for people in the back seat? But…the driver chooses the music! That’s the law.

We’re going to be looking at upgrading my Corolla cd player some day. We need an MP3 jack, too. I could have sworn the car came with MP3 capability, but to my surprise and chagrin, I was mistaken.

Outstanding, thanks!

i bought a Indogo SX car with CD player but problem is that this player can play only video file. It can not support a .mp3 and .avseq file. How would i solve this problem. It is very annoying me. Help please.

The only thing you can do is buy an FM transmitter that accepts an MP3 player jack or has a USB port. They’re cheap but limited in function. Don’t expect them to read folders or remember where they left off (my car stereo does both),
something like this. I’ve looked at a number of these and the reviews are never great.

I didn’t see it mentioned on the Amazon site but I believe it only reads microSD"HC" cards (versus microSD). HC is formatted in Fat 32. Don’t skimp on the card because the speed of access is related to the quality of the card. My setup was over twice as fast as a regular USB memory stick.