New Cecil Columns

Is there any way to subscribe or otherwise get an email when Cecil posts a new column in that forum? I don’t want to miss them when they come out.

There is, I’ll write up the steps.
Click on the category (forum), Cecil’s Columns/staff Reports

Click the bell icon button to the far right, after the New Topic button.

I recommend selecting Watching First Post as this will let you know when a new topic is started in this forum.


Steps added above.

Am I wrong or is there no link to this new forum at the bottom of the page under Forum Jump?

ETA: Or perhaps it’s that it is called “Comments on Cecil’s Columns/Staff Reports”

Yes, the new column is in Comments on Cecil’s Columns and is stickied.

It isn’t a new forum, but a renamed forum. So the comments Forum is the Column forum.

There might still be some issues with the rename though. Not sure if they’ll clear themselves or not.

Yeah, I think it would make sense to get rid of the “Comments on” in the name of that forum so people aren’t confused like I was, particularly since it is being referred to elsewhere as just “Cecil’s Columns/Staff Reports.” But in the grand scheme of things that is obviously small potatoes :slight_smile:

is it going to get on the front site page with slugs art eventually like a proper column?

Not at the moment. As Cecil said, this is a dry run to see if the Master can still endure the grind of producing 1,000 scintillating words every week. If all goes well, a proper column is definitely a possibility.