New Christmas Eureka and Warehouse 13 episodes tomorrow!

Heads up.

Both Eureka and Warehouse 13, shows I like quite a bit, have new episodes tomorrow.

Both are BBC-style Christmas themed episodes that are one-offs and not connected to the rest of the show.

Eureka is at 9:00 and Warehouse 13 is at 10:00.

Heads up!!!

Thanks–I’m looking forward to both!

Tonight, folks!

Enjoyed them both, but WH13 wins by a nose.

I actually thought the Eureka episode was sub-par for them. Haven’t seen WH13 yet. Will watch it tonight.

Eureka felt like they had a left over plot idea and just slapped some Xmas padding around it. Still, it is better than no Eureka at all. Souldn’t someone at GD have been aware of what Taggart was doing in one of thier labs? Fargo and Blake seem awfully uniformed about what the scientists under them are doing with GD equipment and personnel.

I am watching the Warehouse 13 episode tonight.

Eureka was a bit weak given how much better their current season has been against the last season with the whole product placement arc. Gotta say, Salli Richardson-Whitfield was looking damn good, like season 1 good. Gotta applaud her for her hard work in trimming the post-baby weight.

I thought that the Warehouse 13 episode was pleasant, harmless fun. If one were inclined to try to place it within the show’s regular timeline, it would have to take place after “Merge With Caution,” since one of the artifacts from that episode was shown on one of Claudia’s funny-yet-ghoulish T-shirts, but before the season finale, as Myka was present.

I was just confused for a while because I missed any indication of who the guy hanging the decorations was that everybody knew.

I’d forgotten about Claudia’s brother and for some reason he like a different actor to me once I caught on. So I thought I’d completely forgotten some new member of the crew or missed a bunch of episodes.

For an episode cramming in the Christmas it was ok. Though I am amazed by how easy it is to get from North Dakota to Philadelphia and back in a work day. With a piano.

I hadn’t been watching Eureka as often as I’d like, but this Christmas episode was starkly disappointing and unpleasant and might have turned me off the show for good.

Matt Frewer’s accent continues to be excruciating. A sweet little story, though.

I’ll watch Warehouse 13 later this evening.

There’s also a Leverage episode coming up around the corner.

Ooh, lookee!

Consider me not so shocked.

The half of the Eureka episode that I managed to stay away for was embarrassingly bad.


So what were the objects that almost killed them? I couldn’t see them all.

Represented are, if memory serves, the telegraph from Telegraph Island (drove Pete insane), Man Ray’s Camera (sucked the youth out of Myka), Mata Hari’s Stockings (captivated Artie), Rheticus’ Compass (trapped Joshua) and Godfrid’s Spoon (nearly offed Claudia). Of course, if you work in Warehouse 13 long enough, you’ll compile a dizzying variety of T-shirt options. I guess you’d have to pick whichever near-death you thought was the coolest.

Eureka wins, since I’ve already forgotten most of what the WH13 episode was about, but Eureka still sticks out in my mind. But otherwise:

WH13: Loved the tshirts too. Also took me a minute to figure out that was the brother.

Eureka: Seemed a bit over the top, but otherwise enjoyable. A bit hard to pin down continuity-wise.

Both: I think this is the first time we’ve seen evidence that winter exists on either show.