New Comedy Central Show: "Ugly Americans"

Anyone see this new show on Comedy Central last night? I was flipping through the channels and saw it on and decided to catch it. I was quite amused. Spoilered in case you haven’t seen it:





The show follows a human social worker in a New York filled with bizarre creatures. His roommate is a zombie, his girlfriend (and boss!) a demon, with other random beings around. One of his coworkers is a wizard, and he helps a talking brain, a squid, and other weird things.

I liked it. Pretty funny, kind of trippy. Just really random, and I enjoyed watching it and anticipating the funny creatures that would come up next. Half ridicolously sexist and half horrifying, the girl his roommate brings home from the bar cracked me up. I was dying with the zombie window washer breaking into the brain depository, desperately trying to not eat the brains around him. What did you guys think?

I watched it and felt like I really needed to be wasted to appreciate it. I found it amusing, but I felt like I was really missing something or not getting it.

Futurama without the subtlety, good taste, nuanced themes, warmth and sensitivity. I like it!

I wasn’t planning on watching this but somehow I got drawn into it after “The Colbert Report.” I actually found it better than I initially expected even though the concept of “weird creatures living mundane lives in New York” has already been done in **Men in Black **and “Futurama.” The slacker wizard character was funny but, for some reason, he reminded me of Wally in “Dilbert.”

It will be interesting to see where this show goes. The first episode at least showed promise.

I enjoyed all the random characters walking around the scenes like the werewolf making out with a squid on a bench, the fishman driving a car, or the chickens working at the sweatshop.

interesting enough to not hate/write off immediately.

it did remind me of the pilot that someone else was asking for critique for earlier. zombies trying to make it in the real world? not exactly, but there were some parallels.

Thank you for reminding me of that. That’s what I was thinking of when I heard about this show.

I have this on dvr but not watched it yet. The promos remind me of maybe a more adult version of the 90’s cartoon Real Monsters (which I liked alot). I hope I like it, I want to like it.

Not bad, I’ll keep watching it.

…I actually hated it. I should love that show… but I didn’t laugh at all in the 15 minutes I gave it. I smiled at some sight gags… but I’m never going to say “Oh it’s 10pm on Wednesday, I should turn on Comedy Central”

I missed the full episode, but I checked out the clips at CC. Reminds me of the old MTV show, The Head, both art and tone.