New content for Planescape: Torment!

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AAAAAAARGH must fight itch to play again. It’s the best RPG ever if you ask me :slight_smile:

And if you ask me, as well. :slight_smile:

Sigh… don’t these people realize I have enough to play at the moment?

(Oh, and $100 for Planescape? I know it didn’t get a lot of attention on release but I would have thought that there were enough copies of it floating around out there…)


No shit? I’m glad I actually have a couple extra copies lying around here somewhere. I think I need to list them up on Ebay.

Surely that’s $100 dollars Australian. Over there I think their currency is backed by sheep and copies of Crocodile Dundee II.

Yah… I just checked Ebay and there’s a copy currently going for 99 cents with a good few that are more than 20-something dollars.

Ah well. Guess I’ll keep my old copies in case anything happens to any of the discs I have.

Is there even a point to buying computer games over eBay? Does eBay have a mechanism to give the publisher a royalty or something? I mean, if the publisher doesn’t get any money, how is buying over eBay any better than pirating?

… what?

Why is the game publisher entitled to a royalty when I re-sell the copy of the game that I purchased myself? If I sell my car, does Toyota get a percentage? If I sell my computer, does Dell get a cut? If I sell my Xbox, does Microsoft get a share? If I sell some of my old books, does Tor Publishing get to bill me?

I can sell any CD-ROM’s or DVD-ROM’s I own. They’re my property. Game companies aren’t entitled to tax the sale of them each and every single time they trade hands. They’re simply entitled to be compensated for the initial purchase of the game. That’s it.

That’s my point. I buy the game from you, I pay money, publisher gets nothing. I pirate, I pay nothing, publisher gets nothing. Why not pirate?

I’m as anti-piracy as the next guy, but I don’t see any reason to buy a used copy since doing so doesn’t support game publishers or developers.

They already got their cut when the first guy bought it. As mentioned previously, no one cares that the manufacturer doesn’t get a cut when a car is sold on, how is this any different.
And more on topic. Looks like I need to reinstall Planescape, load up these patches and fire 'er up.

The ability to resell a game is incorporated into the initial price (in theory). The producer gets their cut up front on the first sale. The initial buyer is willing to pay slightly more because they are able to recoup some of the cost later. Rampant piracy reduces the purchaser’s belief they will be able to resell later, in turn reducing the initial purchase price the producer can charge.

In theory, if I know that I’m going to be able to resell a good on the used market, I will be willing to pay more for it when it’s new. That higher price for the new good benefits the publisher. If there is no used market, the good is worth less to me, so I will pay less.

Agreed, buying a used copy of an out-of-print game bears no real relation to ‘why pirating is A-OK.’ It’s like saying you shouldn’t patronize libraries because that means you don’t buy those books.

There’s a fairly big ‘home-brewed’ mod/patch/expansion community around these Infinity Engine games. Baldur’s Gate 2 has had a lot of these fixes/mods/addons released for it.

What a great time to find that I’ve lost or loaned out the original copy that I had. ;_;

Somewhere I still have my copy. As I recall it’s on 6 separate cd’s, and playing involved a lot of swapping. Hopefully there’s a no cd fix available for it. It’s going to have to wait till I’m tired of Fallout 3, though.

There was no copy protection on the cds, so all you had to do was copy the cds directly to the hard drive and change the config file to indicate where the game can find them.

There cannot be two skies.

I didn’t know you could do that - wohooooooo! I’m almost as excited as I would be if they released another story-based game in the same cool setting! Ok, I would be more excited. But this is good also.

Email me with a shipping address (I seem to have losr yours somewhere). I have at least one extra copy of the old four disc sets that should work fine. I’ll go install it now to test it and see if it works, and then I can send it off to you along with Jade Empire.

It always amazes me that the issue of re-selling tends not to come up in discussions of piracy unless I bring it up. One of the arguments that inevitably comes into play is that if you are enjoying a game, they you are obliged to pay for it, and I’ll pipe in and say that surely that principle is violated in the perfectly legal act of buying a used game, and I get studiously ignored. Now I’m amazed to find people turning this ad absurdum on its head and actually suggesting that it actually is wrong to buy a used game. It seems there was a Kool-aid luncheon that I missed.

For those people, I assume it’s too late. But for the rest of you here’s a piece of advice that has served me well all these years: do not take the pod, even just to be polite. Do not sleep in a house that has a pod in it.