New Converts to the Dope

I went to a party on Saturday, at the house of a couple of friends. Because of where the food and the chairs were located, I happened to be standing next to a bookshelf, and talking to a couple of people.

During a lull in the conversation, one guy glanced at the bookshelf with a quizzical expression on his face, and muttered, “What the heck is this?” He reached for the shelf and pulled out a battered copy of The Straight Dope by one C. Adams.

I was extremely excited, of course, and explained all about Cecil’s column and his status as the World’s Smartest Human. This fellow seemed suitably impressed-- at the book’s contents, if not my elocution-- and said he would check out the website when he got home.

Considering how addictive this site usually is, I think I’ve converted a brand-new Teeming Million. (Hi, Nathan!) I’m so proud of myself. :smiley:

(I also spent a quick couple of minutes talking to the book’s owner, sharing our views on the Dope. Unfortunately, I had to leave the party before learning much more than the fact that he lurks on this MB. (Hi, Geoff!))

Anyone else have a story on how they helped increase the number of the Teeming Millions?

Of course I don’t fit in; I’m part of a better puzzle.

In my prior life (here) I did tell people about SDMS and my screen name… I ended up revealing stuff here I didn’t want ANYONE to know, so I got a new screen name. If I’m bitching about my wife, I sure as shit don’t want it to get back to her.

So, if you think you know who am I, keep it to yourself.

To answer the question, I told tons of like-minded people.

I am with Mr thinskin…I dont want anyone I know coming here…my real name is Kelli…its not hard for anyone who knows me to pick me out.

“Screw you guys…I’m goin’ home!”

Well, I AM a convert…and it’s all thanks to urban legends.

I find ULs facinating, and when I got the Internet in April, checking out an UL was almost the first thing I did. While reading some of the reports, I kept noticing this Cecil guy being used as a source over and over. Finally, somebody included the link to tha Dope, and here I am.

I started checking out the board last week, and I brought a friend over, too (howdy, sue!!).

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I’m always telling my family stories that start with “well, on this message board I’m part of…”. Of course, most of them don’t have computers (THANK GOD!!) but I have told a good friend of mine who is the soul of wit and sarcasm but he’s a pretty busy guy and usually doesn’t have time to surf. Too bad. He’d be a great addition to the Board. I’m going to keep buggin’ him about it.

Well, I told my brother about this board. Now he lurks here and even posts once in awhile. However, he won’t tell me his screen name, so I’m on a quest to figure it out.

I owned a first edition printing of “The Straight Dope” in paperback form. It was getting very well thumbed, so I gave it to a friend, Ray Fortenberry. I expect he will be along to this site shortly.
I bought a new reprint soon after, but when will the hardcover version, bound in rich Corinthian leather be out?

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