New CPAC Machine

So I went through the sleep study at Sa’ad Hospital (red sheets, Saudi nurse with full head covering getting me hooked up for bed). Now I have spent two nights on my new CPAC machine.

The first night I slept for eight hours, without even a break for the bathroom. I cannot recall the last time I did that. I woke up about two minutes before the alarm, always a sign of a good sleep. I have to admit I still yawned through my day.

After two nights, no more mild headache, no more yawns. All in all, I am a little embarrassed to need a machine just to sleep, but I can see a real improvement.

What I need now is a CPAC with a built-in clock radio and telephone charger.

Psssst…you maybe mean CPAP?

I got my CPAP two months ago and was quite annoyed by the fact that it in a small way makes me look like I’m on life support.

Then I slept while using it.

First night - annoyed
Second night - not bad
third night - damn I slept the whole night

Since then - Do NOT even joke about taking my happy sleep machine away from me.

Damn - premature postulation

Before I got that machine I was clocking 3 naps a day at work with each nap lasting over 20 minutes. Luckily my business partners were more amused than annoyed.

Since then I haven’t even been drowsy.

And 3 hour drives were downright dangerous for me. Now? No big deal. I can drive a 4 hour stretch with ease and have covered 13hr drive times with periodic stops.

If you use the mask, you don’t look like you’re on life support. You look like you’re a fighter pilot. Or at least I do. In my mind.

Night One, it worked great
Night Two, I overfilled it, I drained it and then it worked great
Night Three, scary error message, I called the company, they refuse to repair or replace it since I bought it used.

Just when I was feeling better, they pulled it away from me. People wonder why I live outside the United States.

I second that, and I’m so stealing that phrase! And yes…if it had a built in phone charger and alarm clock and CD player (for my rain noises cd I use to fall asleep to) it would save me so much room on the nightstand. I am amazed mine has lasted ten years with no issues at all.

Get another one, however you can. You already saw the benefits, and they are cumulative. Rather, the damage from sleeping improperly is cumulative, and who can argue that a good night’s sleep isn’t worth getting another machine! Hell, if I weren’t unemployed right now I’d go find one and send you one!

My husband’s sleeping well, with his machine, for the first time in at least 15 years. IT’S WORTH IT!! I really, really hope you can find another one.

Well, give me a day or two to grumble. They are available here, but they are cheaper in the US. I will be home in four weeks but doubt I can wait so long.

First step, see if the error message goes away if I let the machine dry for a day or two.

Well, give me a day or two to grumble. They are available here, but they are cheaper in the US. I will be home in four weeks but doubt I can wait so long.

First step, see if the error message goes away if I let the machine dry out a bit.

Damn republicans, now they have robots. I’m glad the CPAP is working for you. We have tried to get my brother to do a sleep test but he doesn’t want to do it (probably the 2k price tag, although at home tests are cheaper). The CPAPs and APAPs only run about $500 or so in the US, not sure what they cost in Saudi Arabia.

But my dad has one and his blood pressure has gone down since he started using it.

A CPod! :smiley:

I can go one night with out mine if I’m travelling, but that’s it. And it’s an unpleasant night at that. Incidentally, if yours is 10 years old and you can afford it you might want to look at getting a new one. Having been through a few I can tell you that the newer ones are significantly quieter than the old ones.

Yeah, it seems that with each new model, they get quieter and quieter. I got my first one in 2004, and had a hard time with it due to the sound. In 2006, when I changed insurance companies, somehow I was able to get a new one, which was quieter. I sold the 2004 one on Craigslist, and the guy who bought it said, “Wow, this is much quieter than mine!”

So I bet the ones being made today are super-quiet. My insurance won’t pay for a new one unless there is something wrong with the current one, and I don’t want to pay for it all myself. But maybe in a few years…

I love my CPAP…love, love, LOVE it! If you try to take it away from me, your relatives may be collecting life insurance on you.
The only thing I don’t like about it is hauling it through the airport, but that’s a minor inconvenience compared to the sleep I’m getting.
I’ve grown accustomed to the subtle purr it makes, and as far as music, i take my kindle fire and set it next to it to play my Mozart all night. In fact, the Kindle will play for a week before I need to recharge it, which is awesome. I can see how it would be cool to have a USB port for charging, though. Unfortunately, I suspect insurance companies wouldn’t pay for one with “entertainment options” built-in.

Mine is three months old. The air noise from my breathing back into the tube is louder than the machine.

I got mine about the same time, same observation.

I am so much happier and alert now.

I set it outside to enjoy the dry Saudi heat. Now it makes a sort of donkey noise when I use it. It is not really usable in this condition, but has some amusement value. I suspect I will have a new machine by the end of the week. Already my wheeze has returned.

I’ve had mine for a decade; no way I’d ever go back now.

Mrs. Vorlon still manages to snore even with hers.
One of these days I won’t be jokeing when I nudge her and ask to borrow a pillow…

I had an in-home sleep study done about 2 years ago, and result was a dental device to help my “mild sleep apnea.” I didn’t notice anything different with it, and my husband still seeks refuse from my snoring in another room.

Sorry for the hijack, but can anyone tell me if the sound of their CPAP bothers their sleep partners? I’m afraid that if I go that route, he won’t even TRY to start the night in the same room with me.