New dogs!

It’s been over a year since we lost our beloved dog Lilith, but we finally pulled ourselves together and decided to fill the hole in our lives. Last week we adopted two fourteen-month-old male Dobes from a rescue group, and oh my god y’all. They are so wonderful.

Please meet Victor and Iggy. We started out to name them Fronkensteen and Igor, but those names evolved into something easier to holler.

Victor is very dignified and serene (well, for a puppy). He’ll make you think he is a fine upstanding citizen who would never steal a loaf of bread off the counter. Spoiler alert: he’s gotten two already.

Iggy is the most loving, friendly thing you can imagine. He has a hump and a shortened spine from some mysterious accident he suffered before rescue, but it doesn’t seem to phase him.

I am sleeping so much better now that my bed is full of dogs.

Congrats! They are beautiful!

Nice! I love dobies, especially with their ears intact.

Cute. Nothing better than a bed full o’pups.

They are beautiful! Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Congrats! They are great looking boys.

I love the stories behind the adoption… What made you decide to get a pair? How did you find these two?

Igor has a hump? That’s awesome! What a great name for him.

Now you can get a double-barreled Dobie-O-Matic.

Thank you for rescuing. May they be pillars of your family for many years to come!

Double major Karma points for you.

Those two are too cute to get into any mischief. :rolleyes:

Congratulations! I love dobermans. Right now I have 1 full dobe and 2 dobe crosses. Great, great dogs.


We figured it would take at least two dogs to fill Lilith’s shoes. Also, we didn’t want to separate these guys. We had originally filled out an application for a different dog, but when that one was taken, the rescue recommended these. They were from a backyard breeder, and when they were three months old their mother got pregnant again, so the breeder took these pups away from the mom and tied them up on a porch. A real nice lady took them from her.

Yep, most of the names we considered were inspired by it. Gomez and Fester, Joe Buck and Ratso, Starsky and Hunch…:smiley:

I knew a lady who rescued a lot of dogs and cats. She actually stole one. The owners left it tied up while they went on a trip. The dog got the leash snarled up and couldn’t reach shelter or the food, one bowl, the owners had left. So my acquaintance put on dark clothes and hat and snuck into the yard, released the dog and took it away. She got it another home.

I’ve stolen a couple of dogs over the years under those circumstances. One I kept and one went to a home with three little girls who ADORED him and spoiled him rotten.

Congrats on the new pups! And bravo for taking them both.!

Beautiful, lucky doggies.

They’re such cuties! I’m glad the practice screwing up those soft, silky ears is going away.

The adorableness! I love Dobies.

Who’s the sweet little doggies? You are Victor and Iggy! Kiss Kiss

Congratulations to you and the pups! I’m thrilled for all of you!

Dawwww!! They look beautiful. How wonderful of you to give them both a loving home. Dobies are wonderful, bright sensitive doggies. It was strange growing up, thinking of them as vicious, slathering beasts, then later being exposed to them and realizing how bright and loving they really are.

I was trying to think of an analogue for Zeus/Apollo, and thought Vulcan might do (hump-back, lame; same difference.) but I can’t think of a suitable male companion.

Thank you for the pictures.

Yeah, Zeus/Apollo just wouldn’t work, but we can still call them “the lads”.

When I was growing up, the neighbors on the corner had two Dobes. It was always a terrifying experience to ride my bike past those vicious slathering beasts, and that was the impression I had of the breed until just about ten years ago. I’m really glad I got to know some Dobies personally.

If I’da been a neighbor, I wouldn’t have seen her if she’d been in traffic orange festooned with blinkies.