New Doper Buddy thread

I know there was a thread a while back on this very subject, but I think it needs to be done again.
Who is your doper buddy? Who will let the rest of the board know if something happens to you? Who has contact with you outside of the boards?

The doper I had previously picked was withaK, but he has since got married and moved away. I don’t see him or chat with him as often as I used to. I am guessing his new doper buddy would be sperfur, his wife. :slight_smile:
My new doper buddies are stormchaser and SixSwordS. If something happens to me, it is up to them to let you guys know. If something happens to them, I will let you know.

Casey1505 and I have some “off the boards” conversations, so if I dropped off the face of the earth, I suppose he might become suspicious, and vice versa.

Oh, and misstee :wink:

I guess my buddies would include mipiace, Simple Dreamer, Tanookie, Jaade and peritrochoid. First and formost tho, the beautiful and talented love of my life, Maureen. I love you, baby! smooch

Rue DeDay and I exchange semi-regular emails, and I suppose if he didn’t hear from me for a while, he might try to find out why. Maybe. Guess it depends on how much of a “Special Friend” I am. :wink:

I exchange IMs with several others, but I don’t think any of them would be able to find out anything if I disappeared.

My husband registered and posted a few times eons ago - I should ask him to make a post if I’m abducted by aliens or something.

I’m not sure he would know if I died or not, though. :smiley: It’s hard to email from beyond the grave.:smiley:

You just need to get the upgrade. Gotta warn you, it’s only in beta, though.

vivalostwages and Seige both carry on with me regularly outside of the SDMB, even having my rl address and phone. Baker and vanilla have also dealt with me irl.

Still haven’t met any of you in person, though.

Fightin’ Hellfish and msLeo. Long time best pals and ex-bandmate with the former, dating the latter.

OH, sweetie. I love you. And I cannot believe you did this, you silly man. But, I’m glad you did.

I don’t have one :frowning:

AngelicGemma is the closest I’ve got, I think.

I exchange IM’s / emails with a few people, but I’m not sure any of them would be able to figure out if anything happened to me. Ah well, such is life.

I don’t have one.

I’ve been poking around these parts for years and have yet to make one “friend”. Oddly, this is the only message board I’ve been a regular at where this has happened.

Dopers must think I smell like ass or something. :wink:

Would anyone be suprised if I said misstee?

misstee, you slut. I thought I was the only one! My confidence and self-esteem have now been crushed, and I’ll be forced to burrow under the frozen ground like a hopped-up groundhog to escape the madness.

Yeah, and **Bruce_Daddy[/] is the only one who knows that the spare key to my house is under the planter on the back patio.
Truth be told, B_D, in late December-early January I was beginning to wonder where you were.

Me neither. I’m too paranoid to let people know who I am IRL, and none of my RL friends post here. If I die or something, you guys won’t know.

Unless I die in a really freaky way, and I’m all over the newspapers. Then you’ll all be unwitting discussing my unusual death and never really know it’s me.


I haven’t one, really. I mean, I’m not in regular voice communication with anyone from the boards, though I might come to be now that I have unlimited long-distance.

No one ever tells me anything.

You and me both. Come on, buddy, let’s go sit with the rest of the mutants at table 9. :stuck_out_tongue:

There was, like, a whole thread about it and everything. :stuck_out_tongue: